Zakor Meylala

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The Dominion of Zakor Meylala
Zakor Meylala
Motto: 'Sattyr Lagranam-kyel'
Strength Through Compliance
Largest city Patrail
Official languages Zakornalek
Recognised national languages Vashol, Stor'a
Recognised regional languages 6,500+ languages
Ethnic groups (8501) Zakornaleyr, Vashoil, Stor'oma, et al.
Religion Atheism
Demonym Zakornya
Government Unitary one-party authoritarian state
 -  Vigoshla Aharkol V.N.N. Lasheyk
 -  Srevigoshla Gurat D. Lasheyk
 -  Galvigoshla Tanarka S. Lasheyk
Legislature Planetary Assembly
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house Kabasra Dorupatla
 -  Battle of the Goriak Sector 2nd Pashavol, 3061 
 -  Water (%) 21.03
 -  Total area 533,184,180.74 km2
 -  5501 estimate 30 Bn
 -  5501 census 29.734 Bn
 -  Density 55.768/km2
144.4/sq mi
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total Le 1.654 Tn
 -  Per capita Le 55,628
Gini (8501)38.6268
HDI (5501)0.663
Currency Meylalan leshail (MLESH)
Time zone All time zones on planet (UTC-12 to +12)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy/DDD (D means "dynasty")
Drives on the right

The Dominion of Zakor Meylala (often written as The Dominion of Meyla by outside sources) is a planet-spanning state in the Gabralyen system, which lies within the Goriak Sector of the Milkdromeda Galaxy. They do not possess territories outside of the Gabraleyn system.

Zakor Meylala is an authoritarian, monarchical one-party planet-spanning state, led by Aharkol V.N.N. Lasheyk, his son Bohema D. Lasheyk, and daughter-in-law Tanarka S. Lasheyk. The planet rarely trades, or even holds alliances with the other empires in the Goriak Sector, and usually keeps to itself. The majority of the planet is covered in either sand or snow (or, in the case of the poles, ice sheets 1.3 kilometres (0.81 mi) thick), and whatever water is left unfrozen lies near the equator; as a result, the planet is rather chilly, with a global average temperature of just 13.1 °C (55.6 °F; 286.2 K).





Zakor Meylala's military is one of the largest in the Goriak sector, due to its conscription of all male citizens from 18-25 and female citizens 20-25. The manpower of Zakor Meylala's military is estimated to be around 8.32 billion soldiers.




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