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The Union of International Club Associations, commonly known by its acronym UICA, is the governing body of several Association Football competitions, including the Champions’ Cup, the world championship for football clubs. It is headquartered at the Olympic Tower in Aeropag, Paripana. UICA operates five club competitions: the Champions’ Cup, which is the world championship for club football; the Globe Cup, for teams which fell short of qualifying for the Champions’ Cup or were eliminated from it; the Series B Champions’ Cup, for the world’s top second-division clubs; the Super Cup, played at the end of the season between the winners of those three tournaments; and the Youth Cup, a tournament for the under-19 teams of the Champions’ Cup group stage qualifiers.

UICA was founded through a merger of the closely-related, but originally separate, organizing committees for the Champions’ Cup (which also organized the Series B Champions’ Cup and the Super Cup), based in Aeropag, and the Globe Cup, based in Lasft, Cafundéu. Although the original purpose of the merger was merely the convenience of a single legal identity, the competitions’ formats were eventually homogenized and the Lasft office was ultimately closed during a severe economic crisis in Cafundéu. Recently, these four competitions were supplemented with the creation of the Youth Cup for under-19 teams and the Interactive Champions’ Cup for players of the official video game series. (More...)

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