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Jarl Aoife of Dyflin (Aoife Brighteye of House Lodbrok; born 10th March 1984) is the current Jarl of Dyflin Canton and a member of the Witenagmot of Brytene.

Aoife was born in 1984 in Dyflin, to Finnlaith Lodbrok and Sylvia Melrose. She studied at Malvern Hill Primary School and Frija's Harp Secondary School state institutions. Upon graduating school in 2002 she left education to accept a contract as a professional baseball player with the Hamtun Hammers, before retiring from baseball to enroll in the military where she saw combat in the Pepper Atoll region. She completed a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Education as a mature student of Eoferwic University, via a distance-learning course subsidised by the Fleet. More...

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