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Líadáin Síomha is a Lhaeraidh politician who has served as Taoiseach of tir Lhaeraidd since 17 April 2017. She is notably the first democratically elected Head of Government in Lhaeraidh history and as such holds the distinctions of being its first Taoiseach and first female Head of Government. She also serves as Aelod Seneddol Aurharbwr West and Coast constituency, a position also gained in the 2017 General Election. She was the leader of the Blaengar Rhyddfrydol faction during the Constitutional Reform Project, and is a former member of the Bonedd, and subsequently became the party leader when this faction formed itself into a political party following the implementation of the constitutional reforms.

In 2015 Síomha was selected by the Chancellor, Cerwyn mab Tiernan, to serve as Minister for Education, and she became the first woman to accept the role. During her tenure she oversaw a series of reforms in the way mental health is handled in schools and how children are educated on the dangers of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol; as a result, she has come under criticism, most notably from among the more conservative elements within government and the Bonedd. Síomha also oversaw the softening of laws relating to the discipline of children in education and reformed the way in which children with diagnosed learning and developmental disabilities are treated. (More...)

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