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The TaH-29 Daqanoush (Arabic: دقنوش, English: Shrike) is a twin-engined light fighter aircraft, designed in Riysa, and developed by the famous Tamam-Hinnawi Design Bureau. First flying in 1988, the first models entered service in 1996, and since then has become the main fighter of the Riysian Air Force, and has been exported widely compared to other Riysian equipment.

Originally designed with an air superiority role in mind, to counter the increasingly capable aircraft becoming available worldwide, the design of the aircraft also proved it suitable for multi-role missions. This lead to a significant number of variants being produced off of the basic airframe, including trainer, electronic warfare, and strike fighter variants among others, increasing commonality among the Riysian Air Force's inventory. With the advent of Riysian intervention worldwide as part of joint SACTO operations, the TaH-29 was often at the forefront, proving itself highly successful, and leading some allied air force officers to comment on it being "one of the best fighters ever developed." More...

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  • King Sketli of Meriad announces his planned abdication at the end of the calendar year.
  • In association football, FC Raedburg of Zitru defeats Fortaleza of Costa de Ouro to win the Astyrian Chamnpion's Cup, while Real Junipero Serro wins the Astyrian Silver League, defeating Telora 3-1 in the final.
  • Insaeldic and allied forces liberate the town of Tel Tameer after a short battle, resulting in large insurgent casualties.

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