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The Vrnallian language is a language isolate spoken as a native language by about 1,441,000 people in the United States of Vrnallia and between five and ten thousand more people as a minority language in northern Tir Lhaeraidd. It is descended from the Old Vrnallian language and is not known to be related to any other attested language. The language as spoken in Vrnallia can be divided into four main dialects or dialect groups corresponding to each of the four Vrnallian states, with further subdivisions. The language of Tir Lhaeraidd is typically analysed as a fifth dialect group though some linguists have argued that it is a separate language.

The non-governmental Vrnallian Language Assembly is responsible for monitoring the development of Vrnallian in Vrnallia and has been responsible for co-authoring legislation relating to the language, the most recent of which was the Vrnallian Spelling Regularisation and Simplification Act (2007) which regularised the language's orthography. They are also responsible for the nation's collection of Old Vrnallian and old Modern Vrnallian texts, which are stored in the archives of the University of Vrnallia. Vrnallian Independence Day has also been celebrated as Vrnallian Language Day since the late 1970s. (See more...)

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