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Loft Sündstedr A/F is the flag carrier airline of Sondstead, registered in Windstrand and headquartered on the grounds of Nörditser Windstrand International Airport, which is also its main hub. The airline is the market leader both in domestic air transport in Sondstead and in international air travel to and from Sondsteadish airports. It's largest shareholder, since 1995, is Quadra Finans, the country's largest financial services firm, with 24.81% of the shares, followed by the Sondsteadish government, which was the sole owner before 1983 and largest shareholder before 1995, with 19.98% of the shares.

Loft Sündstedr is ranked as one of the safest airlines in Maredoratica, with no fatal crashes since 1971. In 2012 the airline (including carriers operating for the airline's regional brand, Loft Sündstedr Link) carried 20,148,000 passengers and employed approximately 11,600 people. By fleet size and passengers carried the Loft Sündstedr group is the fourth largest airline in Alisna. More...

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  • Chang Luo-Pingpi is elected President of Tuva SSR,beating out heir apparent Emil Petrayev.
  • The nation of Osmany in Ramdjanaya is reformed after being destroyed in the Osman-Siyanmese War.

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