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The Tolmakian Agency of Aeronautics and Space is the child agency of the Tolmakian Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology responsible for conducting and managing programs and projects related to aeronautics, the Earth's atmosphere, and beyond it; specifically, aviation research and space exploration. Before its formation, both Western Tolmakia and Eastern Tolmakia had their own virtual space agencies during the Split era. After political reunification, the modern Tolmakian Agency of Aeronautics and Space was formed, with the merging of their two separate agencies.

The first Prime Minister of unified Tolmakia, Devin Kashlevin, gave his approval for a new national space agency, and a bill legalizing the creation of the TAAS was passed by the Unified Tolmakian Assembly. The agency's first administrator, Corey Maggies, was appointed by the Republican Assembly, and its headquarters were established in Exeter Town, Weslan. It was not until 25 July 1976 that it formally began operations. The new agency was later assigned the duty of extensive research on aeronautical and aircraft technology.

In 1980, the TAAS debuted with the launch of its first satellite, which remained active until 2005 and became an icon of the agency's achievements. The TAAS furthermore began reintroducing modern airships in Tolmakia and worked on numerous aviation programs. During Tolmakia's golden decade, it partnered with major organisations including the DDE. The late 1980s saw it first interact with the ESA and other space agencies in joint projects.

Today, the TAAS supports other space agencies' projects while concurrently conducting its own programs relating to the development of domestic airships. Its other focuses include the exploration of other celestial bodies. The agency also collaborates with private partners like Good Blimp Incorporated and is responsible for the maintenance of the nation's satellites. (More...)

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