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The Latin general election of 2017 was held on 17 April 2017. Following a succession crisis resulting from the sudden death of Jason VI Augustus, Emperor Constantine XX called for new elections after discussions with Senate leadership. All seats in the Senate were up for election under the first-past-the-post voting system. Prior to the 2017 election, the government was composed of a Conservative Party majority, over which Alexander Pompilius (pictured) presided as Consul. Polls taken immediately following the dissolution of the Senate gave the Conservatives a double digit lead over the Progressives. Later polls began to wildly shift following a dramatic shift in party politics, dissolutions, mergers and integrations. By election night, the Conservatives had reformed the party into United Latium, a big tent party. The Liberal-Labor Party would merge into the Libertarian Party, resulting in the creation of the Liberty Union Party, and the EEK announced their intent to create a nationwide alliance known as the Party of the Regions, which advocates for further devolution of powers to local authorities.

Local elections were held simultaneously at city and county levels with nearly nearly two-thirds of all local government seats being contested. On election day, exit polling suggested lower turnout than the previous election in 2015. This was confirmed by the Imperial Electoral Commission following the official election certification after monitoring by representatives from the Belisarian Commission. Alexander Pompilius was invited to the Palace of Augustus to form a majority government the following day by Emperor Constantine XX. (More...)

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