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The War in Alsager was a major multi-sided armed conflict in the Garimidian overseas authority of Alsager from 1991 to 1998. The conflict was the result of decades of ethnic tensions between people of Nordic ancestry, supported by the Alsagan government, and the native Alsagans. It began in January 1991 with attacks on cities by native militia groups, after the legislative elections of 1990 in which massive electoral fraud was alleged and after which Liam Karavaar declared the unrecognized Alsagan State. Garimidia intervened militarily following Karavaar's refusal to step down. At the war's peak in 1994, all sides fought for control of Alsager's capital, Vasaari, which was eventually won by the Alsagan government under an icy ceasefire. In February 1997, Karavaar was killed in a ground strike by Garimidian forces, and subsequent negotiations ended the conflict.

Between 100,000 and 120,000 civilians were killed in the conflict, and more than 1 million were displaced. Massive reconstruction subsequently took place, while the political and economic system moved to satisfy the demands of all sides. Garimidia maintained a mobile security presence until 2006 as part of Operation Constant Monitor. In 2011, President Nathan Westling announced the Alsager Growth Plan, an injection of $50 billion over ten years into the Alsagan economy. In March 2011, the previously warring powers met to sign the Five Initiatives for Peace at the Kemijarvi Summit, providing a new basis for the Alsagan political system and reaffirming the commitment to develop Alsager out of its wartime past. More...

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  • In association football, FC Raedburg of Zitru defeats Fortaleza of Costa de Ouro to win the Astyrian Chamnpion's Cup, while Real Junipero Serro wins the Astyrian Silver League, defeating Telora 3-1 in the final.
  • Insaeldic and allied forces liberate the town of Tel Tameer after a short battle (Insaeldic special forces pictured), resulting in large insurgent casualties.

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