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Geadland (pronounced /'gid.lənd/), known in Geadish as Gaudlund (full name Κογνερηικ Γαυδλȣνδ or Kogneraik Gaudlund, pronounced /'kɔx.nə.ʁeɪk 'gaʊð.lʊnd/), is a country located in the region of Esquarium with a population of 29 million. The country borders on Luziyca to the west and south and Namor to the east.

Geadland is named after a Germanic tribe called the Geads (Geadish: Gaudens) with the Geadish language being descended from Old Norse, but written with a modified version of the Greek Alphabet. The country also has a protected Swedish-speaking community which is concentrated on the northern island of Leghel and in neighbouring Horgalund. Geadland is one of the most densely populated countries in Esquarium, with a landscape consisting primarily of low-lying coast plains, islands and polders, though there are mountain ranges on the country's borders. Over a third of the population live on islands.

The country has the oldest monarchy in the region, which has reigned for 700 years save for an interruption from 1848-1868, usually sharing power with the Storting, Esquarium's oldest elected parliament. Modern Geadland is a constitutional monarchy, a parliamentary democracy, a unitary state and a founding member of the Esquarian Community. The capital city is Da Hegner, the third-largest city. More...

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  • Húláng Àogǔsī Chāorén Hé yī I, of the Great Clan Lazin, is appointed Ditor of Titianicia on the 7th of December in Gún-Zuòwèi Shén, Oato. Several foreign dignitaries were present as well as the foreign press for the first time (pictured).
  • Elections held the Bohemian Peoples Union on the third of November resulted in the complete victory of the Patriotic Front with the People's Unity Party declaring a Federal Republic with Comrade Theo as Premier and Joseph Bengal as President, Comrade Theo declared that the LSJ is the official guiding hand of the people and promises a better future from here to socialism.
  • A terrorist attack caused by rebels from Pyatsko SR kills seventeen people in the capital city of Krasnoejeroi in Loufe. Suspects have not been arrested yet.

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