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Countries~50?(several disputed)

The world is the combination of the planet and all the life on it. In the context of humanity, the world references the entire collective of human civilization, including all nations, peoples, and societies. It is made up of 7 continents and 5 oceans, containing at least 50 nations.




Belisaria is a continent located on the Northern Hemisphere. It is surrounded, clockwise from the North, by the Boreios Sea, Ochran, Periclean Sea, Scipia, North Thalassan Ocean, and Sea of Ghant. With between 20 and 25 nations, it is the continent with the most sovereign states.




The continent of Ochran, which takes up most of the eastern hemisphere, is bounded by Belisaria, the Sea of Vespania, and the Makrian Ocean. The hegemonic powers, Uluujol and the Daitoa Republic vie for control of the smaller states. The Technocratic revolution, inspired by the virtues of socialism and directorialism, have deeply influenced politics in the area and many states base their legitimacy on adherence to the Five Petals of the People.


Oxidentale is a continent located mostly in the southern hemisphere, with a relatively small portion lying north of the equator. It is bordered to the west by the Makrian Ocean, to the north by the Kayamuca Sea who separate it from Norumbia, and to the east by the Thalassian Ocean. It includes four sovereigns states : Caripe, Deseret, Mutul, Sante Reze. In addition to this, the islands nations of the Kayamuca, Tikal and Ayeli, may be considered parts of Oxidentale, even if that interpretation is controversial. It's current population has been estimated at about 250 millions inhabitants for an area of more than 4,452,429 km2.


List of Nations in Ajax

Short and formal names Capital Population Notes
 Abalessa – Emirates of Abalessa Qatara 8,239,483 Unitary Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Arthurista – Arthuristan Commonwealth Loweport 87,565,046 Parliamentary democracy
 Ascalzar – Principality of Ascalzar Ascalzar 852,407 Unitary parliamentary dual monarchy
 Ayeli - Imperial State of Ayeli 381,366 Imperial republic
 Bahktar – Bahktaric Workers' Republic Zaraxthr 38,212,791 Socialist semi-presidential republic
 Belfras – Belfrasian Federation Thessalona 110,000,000 Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Benaajab – Enlightened Kingdom of Benaajab Rangpur 93,541,968 Demarchic Oligarchy
 Chagadalai – Enlightened Republic of Chagadalai Jetsun 21,865,632 Unitary Directorial Republic

– Kingdom of Deseret

Zion (Theocratic)
Nauvoo (Secular)
20,360,000 Theocratic Elective Monarchy
 Eagleland – Eaglelander Republic Constantinopolis 70,707,321 Unitary Parliamentary republic
 Fabria-Poveglia – Ecclesiastical Union of Fabria and Poveglia Fabria 16,000,000 Theocratic absolute elective monarchy
 Fakolana – Grand Duchy of Fakolana Fakolanum 3,122,540 Parliamentary Constitutional monarchy
 Ghant – Ghant Ghish 55,482,192 Parliamentary constitutional federal monarchy
 Gelonia – Kingdom of Gelonia Oxonia 10,431,981 Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Iotopha – Democratic Republic of Iotopha Afar 51,202,572 Federal semi-presidential republic under a dominant-party system
 Kadaria - Great Teispid Empire Qaira (western)
Pila (eastern)
101,548,759 Devolved absolute diarchy
 Latium – Latin Empire Castellum ab Alba 87,216,912 Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Lihnidos – Lihnidosi Empire Arcadia 72,420,744 Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Lyncanestria – Empire of Lyncanestria Villeneuve 64,854,527 Federal constitutional parliamentary democracy
 Milostia – Republic of Milostia Andelgrad 24,602,580 Totalitarian socialist cult-state
 Mutul – Divine Kingdom of Mutul Kalak'Muul 119,899,702 Constitutional monarchy
 Nahlia – Democratic People's Arab Republic of Nahlia Rajha 86,723,778 Unitary Islamic socialist Republic
 Nekor – Republic of Nekor Nekor 6,982,563 Democratic Republic
 Nekulturnya - Tsardom of Nekulturnya Bastyak Constitutional Monarchy
 Nunaaqqinit – Association of Free Peoples Qigiqtaq 13,432,953 Direct democratic confederation of freely associated communes
 Ottonia – Ottonian Federation Roan-Ottonia 86,568,490 Presidential Semi-Democratic republic
 Rhynovia – Grand Principality of Rhynovia Rhynovia 42,341,014 Monarchy
 Santheres – Most Eminently Serene Noble Republic of Sante Reze San Gianpiero 105,430,000 Noble Republic
 Siveria - Great Siveria Izabranoprorok 97,477,000 Imperial republic under a parliamentary system
 Skaldafen Confederation - Skaldafen Confederation Kæp Jriak 91,479,732 Confederated Martial Oligarchy
 Sydalon – Kingdom of Sydalon Sydalon 14,695,000 Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Talakh - Emirate of Talakh Nashifah 11,676,115 Unitary Semi-constitutional monarchy
 Tsurushima - East Ochran Technocratic Republic Asahina 126,672,000 Directorial technocratic socialist federal republic
 Uluujol – Khaganate of Uluujol Osh 84,607,593 Unitary constitutional monarchy
 Vannois – Vannoisian Empire Saint-Nazaire 95,841,466 Unitary guided constitutional monarchy
 Yisrael – Kingdom of Yisrael Yerushalayim 20,204,951 Federal presidential constitutional monarchy

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