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Enlightened Realm of Yunlin
Flag Seal
Motto: "Pure Peace"
and largest city
Official languages Yen
Recognised regional languages Karalau
Demonym Yunlinese
Government Jingdao Theocratic Republic
 -  State Preceptor Xuanzang
 -  Premier Aung Tsi-Tang
 -  Marshal of the Pure White Banner Wu Qin
 -  2017 estimate 132,091,761
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total $516 Billion
 -  Per capita $3,912
Gini (2017)negative increase 37.2
HDI Increase 0.561
Date format
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .yn

Yunlin (Yen: 旗盟) is a sovereign nation state in northern Yidao bordered by Sükhbaatar to the northwest, Tangkuo to the east and Qyred to the southeast. Yunlin has a moderately urbanised population of 132,091,761, making it one of the larger nations in the region. The capital city of Yunlin is the ancient metropolis of Dunsan, located in Posan province in the north of the nation.

Yunlin was first inhabited by the Karalau, a nomadic people who migrated from the steppes in the north to find fresh pastures for grazing. The Karalau settled in the north of the nation, taking up agriculture and establishing several smaller states. When the Sükhbaataryn Khaanate began its expasion, the Karalau Daurun dynasty was the first state to be conquered. Yunlin remained under the control of the Sükhbaataryn Khaan until DATE, when Yen settlers arrived. WORK IN PROGRESS. The monarchy lasted until 1947, when a famine struck the previously prosperous nation. Several observatories blamed the ruler at the time, Hailong Shen, for corrupting the nation and its spiritual heart with westernising secular reforms. Against this opposition, Shen increased the pace of reform and attacked several observatories. The public backlash was enormous, with volunteer armies turning on his government and deposing it after mere months of civil war. The revolutionary government clashed internally for a year, before the theocratic Front for the Revitalisation of the Sage's Teachings emerged victorious. They instituted policies of collectivism, creating a state firmly under the control of the Cotric clergy.

In the modern era, Yunlin is a theocratic one-party state under the control of the Front for the Revitalisation of the Sage's Teachings. It is one of the most economically and politically isolated nations on earth with strained ties to the rest of the Cotric world and Asura based upon the state ideology of Pure Landism, a mixture of heterodox Cotric theology and quasi-socialist economics. Since Yiyue Tsi-Tang was appointed as Premier the nation has made liberalising reforms, privatising much of the economy and increasing press freedom, allowing Yunlin greater access to the world economy. The Yunlinese economic growth rate has been one of the highest in the world since 2006, as foreign investors begin to invest in the newly-liberalised economy.





Politics and Government

Yunlin's constitution states that the Enlightened Realm of Yunlin is a "state dedicated to the ultimate spiritual purification of the earth through the rigorous application of the Sage's noble teachings, forged by the hands of the masses". This has translated to a de facto one party state under the Front for the Revitalisation of the Sage's Teachings


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Music and Art