Wolfstern Democratic Republic

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Wolfstern Democratic Republic
Wolfsterner Demokratischen Republik
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Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Arbeiter der Galaxy, vereinigt euch!"
"Workers of the Galaxy, Unite!"
Anthem: The International (German)
Official languages German
Ethnic groups (81% Wolfstern
19% Other)
Religion Secular
Demonym Woflsterner, East Wolfsterner, Democratic (rare use)
Government Single-Party Collectivist State
 -  Prime Minister Gerald Pieck
 -  General Secretary of the Worker's Party Hans Honecker
Legislature Volkskammert
 -  Wolfstern Split TBA 
 -  Herne Accords TBA 
 -  1069 AE census 11,251,720,351
Gini (337AR)Steady 10.4
HDI Increase 0.940
very high
Currency Mark der WDR (MDW)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (AE)
Drives on the right