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Western Confederal States

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Western Confederal States
מערב קאָנפעדעראַל שטאַטן
(Yiddish script)

Flag Coat of Arms
Together we remain an unshakable bastion of liberty (official)

Fieri utique iustitia est democratia (traditional)

Glory to the westlands
Capital Viridia
Government Confederal constitutional republic
 - Established 1755
 - Disestablished 2014
Currency Western dollar
Internet TLD .wst
Calling code ++74
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Capitol State
South Lake
Iron Vale

Western Confederal States, abbreviated: WCS, also referred to as Western Republic, Western States Union or simply the Confederacy was a state located on the western hemisphere of Pardes. It bordered Belfras to the south, Itailia to the east, Austria to the east, Azura to the north, Rodarion to the southeast and the Victorian Ocean to the west.

After the Western fiscal cliff the state apparatus of the Western Confederal States changed into a Free Market State. Since the Western Congress passed the Full Privatization Act on August 15, 2014 the legislative powers were partially granted to the Board of Representatives consisting of several big businesses registered on the FEDRANQ stock exchange and part of the FEDRANQ composite, which ranked the competing publicly listed companies of the Western Confederal States for a governing position on confederal level.

The Western Confederal States dissolved due to internal factors and the nature of the market state system.

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