West Cedarbrook

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Kramden of West Cedarbrook
די קראַמדען פון מערב סעדאַרבראָאָק
Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "Torah Ummadah (תורה ומדע)" (English: Faith and Science)
Anthem: God Bless West Cedarbrook
and and largest city.
Official languages Rez
Ethnic groups (2010) Ral-Rez: 90%, Indigenous: 7%, Ralkovian: 3%
Demonym Cedarbrookese
Government Libertarian Democracy
 -  President Issac Feld
 -  Vice President Paula Davidoff
 -  Senate President Avrom Almagor
 -  Secretary of External Affairs Vernon Kansky
 -  Secreatry of Internal Affairs Neal Shapiro
 -  Chariman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Thomas Ben-Asher
 -  Solicitor General, Civil Courts Label Olin
 -  Attorney General, Criminal Courts Elliot Arnstein
Legislature Senate (Unicameral)
 -  Indepencence from Ralkovia May 22,1877 
Currency Zug (ז): 1 Zug = 100 Kandrants (WCZ)
Date format mm/dd/yy
Drives on the left
Calling code +540
Internet TLD .wc

The Kramden of West Cedarbrook, also known as West Cedarbrook, is a country in Greater Dienstad