Vyvlander Navy

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Vyvlander Navy
Vyvluder Seemakt
Vyvland naval jack.png
Vyvland's naval ensign
Active c. 1300–present
Country Vyvland
Role Navy
Size 31,000 personnel
53 ships
142,000 tonnage
Part of Ministry of Security
Vyvlander Armed Forces
Head Base Royal Schierei Naval Base, Heersduik
Colors      Orange
Naval Commander Alfrig Jrilig-Snoifer SK
Minister of Security Tomas Peley
Head of Operations Morthelm Wernsdal SK
Naval Ensign and Jack Vyvland naval jack.png

The Vyvlander Navy (Vyvlander: Vyvluder Seemakt, /vʏvlʊdeɾ zeːmaçt/) is the navy of Vyvland. It has historically been a prominent international force in Esquarium, being one of the oldest navies in the region. To this day, the Vyvlander Navy is the largest of the three Vyvlander armed forces, with a larger number of personnel than the Vyvlander Army or Air Guard. The Navy is based at the Royal Schierei Naval Base in Heersduik in the country's northeast, with additional operations from Strossen and Fomiy and shipbuilding based in Byzvild.

The Vyvlander Navy has a history of cooperation with the Royal Nevan Navy and the Geadish Navy, the latter of which it shares an aircraft carrier with, based at Nordport in Geadland. The Vyvlander Navy is the country's main military contingent to the Northern Sea Defence Organisation, an alliance between Vyvland and a number of other similar nearby nations.