Vyvlander Air Guard

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Vyvlander Air Guard
Vyvluder Luvdewakt
The Air Guard logo
Active 1919–present
Country Vyvland
Role Air Force
Size 12,000 personnel
142 combat aircraft
Part of Ministry of Security
Vyvlander Armed Forces
Head Base VLWK Nyfamton, Nyfamton, Nevel
Motto Sdurk en laan an luvde
'Strong in land and air'
Colors      Orange
Air Guard Commander Aksel vun Eykaam LWK
Minister of Security Tomas Peley
Head of Operations Jodokus Soidel LWK
Roundel Vyvlander roundel.png

The Vyvlander Air Guard (Vyvlander: Vyvluder Luvdewakt /vʏvlʊdeɾ lʊvdəwaçt/, also known as LW /el wäː/) is the air force of Vyvland. It is the smallest of the three Vyvlander armed forces, accounting for fewer personnel than the Vyvlander Army or Navy. It was the last of the three branches to be established, in 1919. The Air Guard maintains over 20 bases across Vyvland, although it is centred at the large VLWK Nyfamton base, to the west of Nyfamton, in north-central Nevel province. Since Vyvlander reunification in 1983, the Air Guard has received significant cuts, streamlinings and consolidations. In the 2014 fiscal year, its budget is approximately µ1.1 billion ($3.3 billion) per year, making up around one-fifth of total Vyvlander defence spending.


The Air Guard was originally formed in 1919 as a division of the Vyvlander Army, intended to counter any attack onto Vyvland or defend troops fighting on the ground, although it never saw action in this role. In 1926, the division was split off into its own independent force. During the Vyvlander Civil War of 1932 to 1935, the commanders of the Air Guard declared their support for the monarchy under Gusdaav III. The Air Guard continued to serve as the air force of North Vyvland, while in the South, the Vyvlander National Air Force was created to serve in its capacity. Both forces were strengthened in order to let them carry out bombing raids on the other country, although such raids were very rare in practice.

Following reunification in 1983, the Air Guard took over the responsibility for all of Vyvland, while the National Air Force officially disbanded, although many Southern airmen retrained to join the Air Guard. Due to its excess capacity and lack of modern threats, the Air Guard has been downsized in recent years. In 1993, women were allowed to serve in some of the Air Guard's roles, with all roles now open to women from 2006.