Trellinese Airlines

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Trellinese Airlines
Trellinese Airlines logo.png
FoundedMarch 25, 1949 (1949-03-25)
Mar'theqa, Trelum, Trellin
Secondary hubs
Fleet size
HeadquartersAmadar II International Airport, Mar'theqa, Trellin
Key peopleGhorin Malle (CEO)

Trellinese Airlines is the flag carrier of Trellin and its largest airline. The airline was founded in 1949 at Mar'theqa's Amadar II International Airport, which remains its headquarters and main hub. Because of state-imposed isolationism, Trellinese Airlines has not developed substantial international connections, instead focusing heavily on its domestic routes, with a number of regional services based from its hubs at Arimathea, Asketon, Cadenza, Txir and Mar'theqa.

As of 2014, Trellinese is a member of the Zitru-headquartered Star Alliance.




Diagram of a plane in Trellinese Airlines' livery


Incidents and accidents

  • In 1968, Trellinese Airlines Flight 678 lost an engine to a bird impact while attempting to land for a medical emergency in minimal visibility conditions at Capital Airport, Arimathea. Unable to align to the runway, the plane crashed into a parked aircraft on the taxiway before impacting the terminal building. Casualties in the airport and on the two planes totalled 248, the highest death toll of any Trellinese Airlines accident and the worst in Arimathean history.