Third Rhine War

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Third Rhine War
Date 17 December 2035 – 14 August 2037 (1 year, 7 months, 28 days)
Location Western Europe, Africa, North America
Result Decisive Vanavoian victory
Vanavoy Noxtrem Nationalist Gold Union (until 2037)
Commanders and leaders
Fritz Hersch
(President of Noxtrem)

The Third Rhine War (German: Dritter Rheinkrieg) describes the state of conflict following the declaration of war by Vanavoy upon Noxtrem on 17 December 2035. The war comes after the First and Second Rhine Wars, which were conflicts between Vanavoy and Noxtrem over possession of the Rhine river. The Nationalist Gold Union intervened on behalf of neither side on 25 December 2035.

Two days after Fritz Hersch, former head of the Stasi, was elected President of Noxtrem, Empress Augusta II of Vanavoy was assassinated. The crown was then transferred to her infant son, and Vanavoian authorities blamed Noxtrem on the assassination. Shortly after, the Vanavoian government presented a lengthy ultimatum to the Noxtremian government, which was denied shortly after.

On the day of the assassination was the coronation of Augusta II's cousin, Paul Philip IV, to become Leader of the Nationalist Gold Union and Emperor of Laurentia. Upon receiving the news of the Empress's death, Paul Philip pressed a claim on the Vanavoian throne, arguing that a 2-year-old infant was not capable of leading the Vanavoian nation. The Vanavoian senate denied his claim, stating that the monarch must be a Roman Catholic in order to serve. Paul Philip, who was publicly a Laurentian Protestant, was revealed to be a secretly practicing Catholic after Noxtremian spies released evidence of the Emperor attending Catholic mass when he was younger. Paul Philip accused Noxtrem of espionage and therefore cut all relations with the country. However, the Vanavoians still denied his claim to the throne, and Mari von Romenburg began to serve as regent.

On 17 December 2035, the Vanavoian Empire formally declared war against Noxtrem and began a full-scale invasion of the nation. On 25 December 2035, the Nationalist Gold Union invaded the Vanavoian Congo.