Telephone numbers in Nikolia

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Nikolia telephone numbers
RegulatorAgency for Electronic Communications of Nikolia
NSN length8
Typical format(XXXX) XXXX XXXX
Access codes
Country calling code+645 (+NIK)
International call prefix00 where no + key is available
Trunk prefixnone

The Nikolian telephone numbering plan is a telephone number assigning system used in Nikolia. All numbers (both fixed and mobile lines) have 8 digits, with only difference being that mobile lines calling codes have three digits, compared to four within fixed lines. Area code can be omitted when the caller and the receiver are in the same area. This, however does not apply to mobile lines.


Since 1965, Nikolia uses 8 digit system with 4 digit area code for landlines and 3 digit dialing code for mobile service providers. Area codes are assigned based on voivodeships and counties. Standard area code format is VVCC whereas the first two digits are voivodeship network group, for instance numbers registered in Moravia would have 67 as the two digits of the dialing code. The remaining two digits are county network groups, assigned per administrative divisions of Nikolia. An example of a number registered in Carigrad would be (6724) XXXX XXXX. A person calling a number registered in the same network group as the caller does not have to include dialing code of the area, however, while dialing numbers registered in another network group, a caller must type in its area dialing code.

Dialing numbers in Nikolia from abroad works by the principle of adding country calling code of Nikolia, +645 in front of the number, then typing in the number in the same format as within Nikolia, area code - number.

Mobile service providers

Compared to landlines that have 4 digit calling code, mobile lines, however have 3. These are assigned to operators and are not assigned based on geographic area. Mobile phone users must type in full number including the calling code regardless if the receiver is user of the same mobile service provider, or is in the same area network group. There are 10 mobile network operators providing mobile communications in Nikolia, among which 4 are the most used by Nikolian citizens: Telekom Nikolije (dialing codes: 451, 452, 453, 454, 455 and 456), N-mobile (dialing codes: 457, 460, 461 and 462) and mobiNIK (dialing codes: 458, 459, 463 and 464)

Area codes

Nikolia is, per administrative divisions, separated into two levels of network groups. First level is separation per voivodeship, and the second level is separation by county within the voivodeship network group.

Voivodeship Voivodeship network group County County network group
Moravia 67 Carigrad 24
Petrovgrad 74
Mitrovica 68
Milanovac 65
West Moravia 96
East Moravia 46
Stefanovac 78
Nitria 68 Kranj 57
Veles 88
Danilovgrad 34
Karlovac 58
Modrič-Mitrovica 66
Lugovac-Karanovac 55
Travunia 87 Podgorje-Cetina 72
Lukovac 52
Vrbas 82
Konstantinovo 58
Kasak 57
Svetozarevo 79
Podunavia 73 Beograd 24
Smederevo 73
Markaž 69
Venedia 83 Nikolajevo 65
Perun 77
West Venedia 98
Vrbovski 82
Strumica 76
Rutenia 78 Skopje 75
Budejovice-Kamarice 25
Franjevac 38
Preševo 77
Konstanca 57
Dubrovia 32 Hadrijanopolj 47
Brač-Visla 28
Milna 66
Trebin-Erovo 83
Junska 57
Step-Lazarevac 75
Kraljevo 58
Mazuria 69 Katowice 59
Dunaj 35
Warta-Wacławskie 99
Gałów-Zakrzyce 49
Kraszów 57
Piotrów 79
Leszka 57 Legnica 54
East Leszka 95
Złotów 99