Standard Mark V Artillery Gun

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Standard Mark V Artillery Gun (SMV)
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SMV in standard firing position
Type Howitzer
Place of origin  Tarsas
Service history
In service 1981-Present
Used by Imperial Legion, Imperial Sea Legion
Production history
Manufacturer Anacom Industries
Weight 10,430 kg
Length 10 meters
Barrel length L/41
Width Travel: 2.4 m
Height Travel: 2.7 m
Crew 8

Caliber 155 mm (6.10 in)
Carriage Split trail, sole plate, auxiliary power unit and hydraulics
Elevation -8° to +80°
Traverse 43°left and right
Rate of fire Burst: 3 rounds in 15 seconds
Sustained: 4-6 rpm
Muzzle velocity 843 m/s
Effective range 25 - 40 km

The Standard Mark V Artillery Gun, or SMV, is the standard towed artillery of the Imperial Legion of the Enlightened Empire of Tarsas. The gun was ordered in 1975 to replace the old H32 Standard Towed Gun. It is currently featured on the SPG-22 Regulus as the main armament.


Carriage Variants



  • Mark I - Initial production variant first delivered in the summer of 1981. Several issues with the gun mount arose such as the hydraulic system being meant for less weight than it had to support. This caused parts to wear out faster. Only 20 produced.
  • Mark II - Resolved all problems with the Mark I and added an increased capability auxiliary power unit.
  • Mark III - Decreased weight through the use of composites in certain areas of the gun.
  • Mark IV - Current production variant featuring a faster deployment system. Introduced in 1995.

Decimator Anti Tank Platform

Gun developed for MBT armaments. Separate development based off of the Mark V.