Southern Archmont Treaty Organization

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Southern Archmont Treaty Organization
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Symbol of SATO
Motto Honor through Strengh
Formation Decemeber 21st, 2016
Type Imperialism, expansionism
Headquarters Beskad, Belguard
Manistai, Lotylay
Lucidine, Lucidar
Panyan, Dio Rias
Pyro City, Illuminati Switzerland
Naszkania, Arsfarszka

The Southern Archmont Treaty Organization, or SATO, was publicized and founded on Dec 21st, though plans were created earlier. Once know as "The Southern Archmont Economic Union (SAEU), it is now shifted to more militaristic views. Member nations were extremely powerful, such as Dio Rias or Illuminati Switzerland. SATO was known to be militaristic, aggressive, and have a bias against northerners. Massive nations grew, including Illuminati Switzerland and Lotylay. Most member were located in southern Archmont. Icewraith Industries CTE'd for personal matters, harming the organizations power. SATO is disbanded as of February 4th, 2017.


Rank 2

Rank 2s were not yet member nations, but expressed interest to join.

Rank 1

Rank 1s were full fledged member nations.


SATO is comprised of two administrative nations and a council of ministers.

Founders and Administrators

Lotylay and Belguard are the two founders of SATO. They are the administrating nations in the organization.

Council of Ministers

There were five ministers within SATO. Each of them had equal powers.

Lucidar was the Minister of Diplomacy and SATO Representative in Archmont.

Adrela was Minister of Culture.

Dio Rias was the Minister of Internal Affairs and Finance.

Arsfarszka was the Minister of Defense and Peacekeeping.

Illuminati Switzerland was the Minister of [[Classified]].


First Attacks

Hoping to show that they were dominant, Illuminati Switzerland, along with reinforcements from Dio Rias and Arsfarszka, attacked the GEA. The attack was an overwhelming success, with GEA retreating in 6 hours.

Battle of Fareoland

On the day of January 7, 2016 the nations within SATO. The nations Dio Rias, Arsfarszka, Illuminati Switzerland, and Lotylay, marched into Fareoland, for a final last stand. Which in ended in the matter of 21 hours, SATO won over Fareoland, and occupied parts of its territory, for their victory.

The Great Wars