Robert Island

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Robert Island
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Motto: Jeg updukk (I emerge)
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Location of Robert Island in Geadland
 • TypeRobert Island County Council
 • CommissionerKatarin Garfer (SDLP)
 • Total1,142,120
Time zoneUTC -6 (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST)UTC -5 (UTC-5)

Robert Island (Geadish: Poβερτøυ, Robertöü, pronounced /ʁɔbɐtøʏ/) is the newest of the 15 Counties of Geadland. It is the only county to be located entirely on reclaimed land.

The area was originally the location of an estuary for the River Esser and was known as the Essermir. Long-term land reclamation works began in the 1930s to remove the tidal estuary and reduce flooding risks. The first settlers on the island moved in on 15 November 1959. The reclamation works were completed in the 1960s, at which point the government began developing a series of new towns. As a result, the population of the island rapidly expanded from 40,000 in 1962 to 375,000 in 1972, then to 623,000 in 1982. The territory was originally divided between Upper Sorbia and Venden. In 1974, the government merged the territory into a single new county, which came into effect on 15 November.