Reichstag of Werania

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Reichstag of Werania
Reichstag von Ostischland
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Herrstag
Charlotte II
Since 22 March 2014
Speaker of the Herrstag
Reiner Joachim, Nonpartisan
Since March 13 2014
Speaker of the Volkstag
Jakob Böckler, Modern Centre
Since December 17 2007
Seats 906
349 (Herrstag)
545 (Volkstag)
Weranic herrstag.svg
Herrstag political groups
Werania Volkstag 2015-2019.svg
Volkstag political groups
Indirect election
First-past-the-post (300 seats)
Party-list proportional representation (245 seats)
Volkstag last election
Volkstag next election
Meeting place
The Maximilianeum Building 2012.jpg
Palace of Parliament, Westbrücken, Werania

The Reichstag of Werania (Weranian: Reichstag von Ostischland) is the bicameral legislature of the Werania. It consists of an upper house known as the Herrstag (Lord's Chamber) and a lower house known as the Volkstag (People's Chamber) whilst the monarch presides over parliamentary proceedings. It retains parliamentary sovereignty over Werania, officially being the representative of the Weranian people. Members of the Herrstag are referred to as Peers whilst members of the Volkstag are known as the members of parliament (MP's).

Parliament took its current form in 1864 following the unification of Werania, being based on the former Reichstag of the Kingdom of Cislania. The Lord's Chamber was initially entirely hereditary or appointed by the monarch of Werania whilst members of the People's Chamber were elected in a first-past-the post system. In 1897 the government introduced party-list proportional representation with a 4% electoral threshold for initially 100 seats, with the number of proportional seats being progressively increased over time. The Lord's Chamber remained unreformed until 1973 when the government changed the composition of the Chamber to entirely elected.

Currently 245 seats in the Volkstag elected via proportional lists and 300 through first-past-the-post. Since 2014 all seats in the Herrstag are elected by provincial legislatures after the government abolished the final monarchical appointed seats.






Current membership

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