Rainbow Coalition

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Rainbow Coalition
Phista Kurumi
LeaderMozes Koeaara
Deputy LeaderPieter Tupaak
General SecretaryEliza Arendsman
Founded18 June 2018
Merger ofIndependent Socialists
SR Party
Remedy Party
Full-Blooded Party
SDU dissidents
CPN dissidents
Headquarters59 Nieuweweg,
Envoort, Nimear
NewspaperEenheid – Hacana
Think tankVrijevolksstem 18
Membership  (2018)Increase 850,000
IdeologyLeft-wing nationalism
Left-wing populism
Liberation socialism
Racial equality
Direct democracy
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
Official colours     Purple
States General
144 / 405
Regional government
0 / 1,400
Local government
0 / 11,250

The Rainbow Coalition (Hennish: Regenboogcoalitie, Amaru: Phista Kurumi, abbreviated RBC–PK, sometimes stylised Regenboog-Kurumi) is a political party in Nimear founded in June 2018 by the union of a number of political parties in the aftermath of the Land Reform Bill scandal and the impeachment of State President Lennaert Kruger, to support the candidacy of independent socialist Mozes Koeaara in the 2018 presidential election. A left-wing populist party, it attempts to transcend the racial divide in Nimearian politics. In addition to holding the party's presidential candidacy, in 2018 Koeaara was elected party leader.

Discussion for a potential "united opposition" party dates back to the first post-war elections in 1939, though attempts to unify the fractured coalition usually failed as a result of differing objectives of opposition parties and Nimear's multicultural nature. Following Lennaert Kruger's impeachment, discussions were revived by popular politician Koeaara, who had been heavily involved in the impeachment process and court proceedings. The Social Democratic Union, Communist Party of Nimear, Socialist Revolutionary Party, Remedy, Full-Blooded Party and a number of independent socialists partook in the coalition negotiations, at the behest of Koeaara.

Ultimately, the SDU and CPN refused to join the new party over issues regarding to it's organisation; the other parties were distrustful of the large SDU's potential influence, and opposed all it's proposals, while the CPN opted to 'maintain it's ideological independence', but did not rule out working with the coalition. Despite this, many high-ranking officials from both parties ultimately defected to the Rainbow Coalition. The Catholic Party, who had refused to take part in the discussions, offered to work with whichever opposition group proved to hold the largest support base, and announced it's willingness to work with the coalition on certain issues.

In 2018, the coalition is the largest party in Nimear. It operates an 'affordable' membership system, with minimum membership contributions calculated based on income. Within the first week of open public membership, an additional 100,000 members joined the party; largely former SDU and CPN members. It currently boasts 850,000 members, and has described itself as a grassroots mass movement.