Pu-98 Arraia

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Pu-98 Arraia/Type-98 Long Lance
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Pu-98 Arraia Torpedo
Type Heavyweight Torpedo
Place of origin  Inyursta
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Service history
In service 2012-present
Used by InyurstaInyurstan Navy
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Nihonese Navy
Production history
Designer Naveyelle Systems Inc.

Murakami Arms

Designed 2009
Manufacturer Naveyelle Systems Inc.

Murakami Arms

Produced 2012-present
Length 7m (23ft)
Diameter 533mm

Warhead weight 300kg (660lbs)
Impact or Proximity Fuse

Engine Counter-Rotating Direct-Drive Brushless Motor
Battery Power
*55km at 40kn, 35km at 70kn
Speed 40kn - 70kn
Pu-98 Wire Guided with Active/Passive Acoustic Guidance or Wake-Homing

The Pu-98 Arraia (Inyursta) or Type-98 Long Lance (Nihon) is a heavyweight torpedo in use by the Inyurstan Navy and Nihonese Navy. It is used on the Type-60 SSP, Type-64 SSN, Mirage-Class SSGN, Type L SSK, Type Junsen SSP, Kairyu SSN, and HA-2008 SSP.


This torpedo is optimized for both stealth and resistence against counter-measures. It utilizes a battery-powered brushless motor to eliminate exhaust and reduce noise from both internal operation and exhaust bubbles. It's multi-band SEQ/US-7 sonar is capable of operating in both passive and active modes, with a 100o horizontal search arc and a 25o vertical search arc in active operation for a wide range of detection. The warhead has a high level of ECCM capabilities against acoustic decoys.

Like most modern torpedoes, the Pu-98 can be fired in a variety of different modes for varying levels of speed and stealth. The two main options are a high speed "sprint" at 70 knots or a low-speed, low-noise cruise across a longer distance. It can be launched in push-out or swim-out mode, and experts believe that when paired with a water ram expulsion system this torpedo is nearly undetectable at most distances and launch speeds.