President of the Radiatian Federation

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President of the Radiatian Federation
Federal Seal of Radiatia
Steven McCarthy

since 15th September 4064
Style Mister President (informal)
His Excellency (formal)
Residence Level 101 Executive Tower, Federation Square, Xerconia, FCT

Silviu House, Exegrad, Alayenia
Term length Four years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Traiyan Silviu

The President of the Radiatian Federation is the head of state and head of government of the Radiatian Federation. Prior to the constitutional reforms of LET 43, the Presidency was a largely ceremonial role.

However the new constitution vests executive power in the President, making him responsible for executing federal law, appointing federal executive officers, and is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Radiatian Federation.

The President is indirectly elected via an electoral college every four years, although no President may serve more than two terms.

The official residence of the President is known colloqially as "Level 101", as he resides in a luxary apartment on the 101st floor of the Executive Tower in Federation Square, Xerconia.

The current President is Steven McCarthy, who was inaugurated following the 4064 election.



According to the Radiatian constitution, to qualify for the Presidency one must:

  • Be a natural-born Radiatian citizen
  • Be aged at least 40 years
  • Have been resident in the Radiatian Federation for at least 14 years
  • Be deemed sane and in good-standing by the Supreme Court
  • Have previous experience in the federal government, whether as a Cabinet Minister, Senator, Premier, High-ranking Military Officer or a high-ranking Assemblyman

The Supreme Court has the power to block a Presidential candidate who has a criminal conviction, or who has been impeached in some prior office from running for the Presidency.

No President may serve more than two full terms, or be elected more than twice.


All political parties have their own means for selecting Presidential candidates, and any party may apply to the Supreme Court requesting permission for their candidate to be included on the ballot.

The two major parties both run primary elections, where candidates of the same party campaign to the various party caucuses in the 37 states, in order to gain the votes of electors for upcoming national conventions, where the formal Presidential nomination is given.

The Vice Presidential candidate is chosen by the Presidential nominee, and is usually confirmed at the convention.

Candidates will then travel the country in order to gain votes - especially in swing states. The larger parties, who tend to be better funded, will undertake frequent mass advertising drives.


Presidents are indirectly elected by an electoral college. Each state, including the Federal Capital Territory, is allocated a number of electors in proportion to the amount of seats held in both houses of the Radiatian Federal Parliament.

Whichever pair of candidates wins the most votes in a state will win all of that state's electoral college votes. It is an illegal and unconstitutional act to vote for a candidate other than that which won the plurality of votes in a state. All states vote in single blocs rather than individually.

The electors meet in Parliament two weeks after the election (unless granted an extension by the Supreme Court due to recounts or other disruptions) to vote formally on a new President.

The next day at noon, the new President is formally inaugurated, or sworn in, as President, as is the new Vice President.

The new President must take the following oath:

"I (Name) swear my allegiance to the Radiatian people and the Radiatian constitution. I swear I will do all in my power to defend the constitution, to defend and protect our democracy and to defend, promote and protect our national values of individualism and efficiency during my time in office as President of the Radiatian Federation."

Terms and time in office

The President and Vice President are elected for terms of four years, which may be renewed only once.

Under the first constitution there were no term limits, with Traiyan Silviu being the only President to serve three full terms.

Under the second constitution there was no limit to a President's time in office, but in spite of this no President served for longer than eight years.

No Prime Minister ever served more than two terms either, setting an unofficial precedent.

Duties and Functions:

Legislative role

The President may veto any bill sent to him by Parliament which he does not approve of.

In order for a bill (or "act") to become law, the President must sign it. If the President does not sign or veto the law within ten days while Parliament is sitting, then the bill will automatically become law.

Parliament may overturn a Presidential veto by a two-thirds vote in both houses.


The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Radiatian Federation.

The President has the power to declare war, but only with support from Parliament.

He can also declare a changed military alert level at will, however he cannot announce Code Red without Parliamentary approval as this would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

The President has the power to delegate command of the Armed Forces to the Minister of Defence if he wishes.

Appointment of the Cabinet:

The President has the power to appoint the cabinet and determine the number and type of portfolios. However all decisions must be approved the Senate, excluding the Minister of Finance who must be approved by the Federal Assembly.

Unlike under the previous system, cabinet ministers may not be members of the legislative branch, nor are they bound to maintain confidence of the Parliament.

Once they have been confirmed, a President's cabinet remains with him for the duration of his time in office, including if he is re-elected. A President may of course dismiss or replace a Minister at any time, although he will need Senate approval in appointing a new one.

Appointment of the Supreme Court:

The President has the power to nominate Supreme Court judges, which must then be approved by two-thirds of the Senate.

Other Appointments:

Officially he also appoints all other civil servants, federal judges, ambassadors and military personnel. In some cases he is required to gain the approval of the Senate, whereas in other cases he may simply rubber stamp the request of the Federal Minister.

The President's role in appointing federal officials depends on the legislation at hand.

Power to Declare a State of Emergency:

The President can, at will, declare a state of emergency.

In a state of emergency, the President can, at will, mobilise the Armed Forces (such as the RFA), or federalise state armies provided that doing so does not constitute an act of war, which would require Parliamentary approval pursuant to aforementioned limitations.

Foreign Relations:

The President represents Radiatia as the ceremonial figurehead, and is usually called upon to visit or hold visits from foreign dignitaries.

Only the President can sign a foreign treaty, although treaties are not binding in the Radiatian Federation until approved by two-thirds of the Senate.

The President dictates Radiatia's foreign policy, via the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Power to Confer Honours

The President has the power to confer the honorary title of "Exalted Citizen" on any citizen of extraordinary merit who he deems fit. He may also bestow other medals and honours at his discretion.

State of the Federation

At least once a year the President must give a public broadcast to the people of Radiatia to let them know of government affairs and progress. This is known as State of the Nation address.

Likewise, he also is to give a State of the Federation address to a joint session of Parliament once a year, in which he usually sets out his preferred legislative agenda and makes requests of the Parliament.


According to the constitution, the President earns a salary of 800,000 Tsenyens per year, as well as receiving an official place of residence on Level 101 of Executive Tower in Federation Square.

This salary may be adjusted for inflation by parliament.

The President also receives an expense account, free travel including a motorcade, an official Presidential jet (Radiatia One) and lifetime protection for himself and his family courtesy of the Radiatian Special Operations Division.

The President also has a second place of residence at Silviu House, the mansion of the late Traiyan Silviu which is located north of Exegrad, Alayenia.

List of Presidents

Name Took office Left office Party
1 Traiyan Silviu 1 October 4014 29 May 4026 Independent
2 Derro Vahnsehn 29 May 4026 27 November 4031 Independent
3 Yerkal Nathus 27 November 4031 25 July 4039 Independent
4 Hiroshi Vodotel 25 July 4039 6 December 4044 Independent
5 Keldon Silviu 6 December 4044 30 July 4052 Social Democratic Union
6 Gregori Fyoderov 30 July 4052 30 January 4057 Liberal Conservative Party
7 Angela Pavlovic 30 January 4057 10 October 4060 Liberal Conservative Party
8 Jaagen Autenberg 10 October 4060 15 September 4064 Social Democratic Union
9 Steven McCarthy 15 September 4064 Incumbent Social Democratic Union