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Phoenicis is the ancient religion that most people used in past times in Alahana. The Phoenicis religion was founded by 'High king Tullius founder of fire'. Leader of the city state of Alahan.

The religion was founded in 412 BC, and was made official state religion in 409 BC. The religion has the phoenixes as divine creatures. Phoenicis is a Polytheistic religion, believing in multiple gods. The gods would live on mount Legend, located in modern day Iron mountain region in Alahana. They would ride their proud steeds into battle against the evil gods and protecting all good things on the planet.

Valer (Good gods)

The Valer gods live on Mount Legend in the Iron mountains. The valer battle the Merthas, evil gods, to protect the life on the planets.

The Valer ride the noble phoenixes as steeds.


The Stellarus were former Valer gods, but were defeated in battle, thse 12 gods became the constellations. In contrary to Merthas gods, they live on, if a evil god dies, they are gone forever.

Kru'sh (Neutral gods)

The Kru'sh gods live in hiding, watching over the mortal races from a distance, interfering when it is needed.

Merthas( (Evil gods)

The Merthas gods, living in the underworld and riding the mighty dragons as steeds want to destroy the known world, to make place for an world that is ideal for them.

All gods

Name of god Allegiance Patronage name of steed
Zo'n Valer Light, day, sun Lukem
Noctas Valer Moon, night, Dreams Luca
States Valer Balance, peace Macem
Vits Valer Life, nature Turas
Sectetuer Valer Water, sea Sectus
Aeth Valer Air, wind Tritus
Terrs Valer Earth, mountains Træs
Quas Valer Love, happiness Tientia
Gestems Valer Kings, kingdoms, nations, empires Hereds
Fortunas Valer Fate,luck Sorcus
Sophias Valer Wisdom,memory Iuser
Virtues Valer Valor, order Fider
Aries Stellarus Perseverance
Taurus Stellarus Ferocity
Gemini Stellarus Beauty
Cancer Stellarus Ingenuity
Leo Stellarus Courage
Virgo Stellarus Purity
Libra Stellarus Justice
Scorpio Stellarus Craftmanship
Sagittarius Stellarus Hunt
Capricorn Stellarus Loyalty
Aquarius Stellarus Imagenery
Pinsces Stellarus Kindness
Animarum Kru'sh Souls Spiritas
Aets Kru'sh Time Temps
Soras Kru'sh Fate Vicus
Guardia Kru'sh Guardian Invictus
Claedes Merthas Disaster Actam
Chaus Merthas Chaos Fusus
Odios Merthas Hate Invidius
Cruors Merthas Blood, Sickness Infirmats
Mors Merthas Death, the underworld Immortus
Tenebraurs Merthas Darkness, shadows Umrae
Scelaurs Merthas Crime, treason, deception Fraulis
Belluem Merthas War, Violence Vis