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2976 BCE–1513 BCE
Map of the Nozama Valley Civilization c. 2900 BCE. The area is believed to have been the approximate location of Nozama, as well as the urheimat of Monic languages
Capital Tanken
Language(s) Old Namorese
Religion Txoism
Government Monarchy
Eight Matriarchs
 - 2976 - 2877 BCE Nushen (first)
 - 2324 - 2281 BCE Kungna (last)
Twelve Patriarchs
 - 2281 - 2199 BCE Pokung (first)
 - 1531 - 1513 BCE Movang (last)
 - Established 2976 BCE
 - Assassination of Kungna 2281 BCE
 - Disestablished 1513 BCE
Today part of  Namor

Nozama (黎澤茻) is an ancient kingdom located in the upper Nozama River Valley in present-day central Namor that supposedly lasted for nearly 1,460 years.

Written records dating from the Bo dynasty claim that Nozama was established in 2976 BCE by the goddess Nushen, who killed the demon king Teyu, the greatest threat to the peoples of the Nozama River Valley. For the next seven centuries, Nozama was ruled by a dynasty of queens collectively known as the Eight Matriarchs. The rule of the matriarchs came to an end in 2281 BCE, when Queen Kungna was assassinated by her two daughters. The kingdom experienced a short period of instability until Pokung, Kungna's son, became king, beginning a dynasty of kings known as the Twelve Patriarchs. In the late 16th century BCE, the Nan peoples from the lower Nozama River Valley overthrew King Movang and established Kanamora in its place.

No archaeological evidence of the Eight Matriarchs has been found, leading historians to designate the matriarchs as a legendary period in Nozama's history. There is evidence to support the existence of the Twelve Patriarchs, though the historicity of some events in that period remains a matter of debate. Modern Namorese textbooks recognize Nozama as the first Namorese dynasty.