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The Five Districts of Namor Proper are shown here in green

Namor Proper (also known as The Kannei or Inner Namor), officially referred to by the Namorese Government as the Five Districts, is a term used by many scholars to express a distinction between the core and frontier regions of Namor. Geographically, Namor Proper refers to the modern-day districts of Southern Namor, East Namor, West and East Nozama, and West Namor, territories of the People's Republic of Namor that are not autonomous republics. In the Namorese language, Namor Proper is colloquially known as "The Kannei (Каннеи)," meaning "within the frontier." This is contrary to the colloquial Namorese word for Outer Namor, which is "The Kanvai (Канваи)," meaning "beyond the frontier." Namor Proper makes up around 65% of the PRN's area, while the remainder are autonomous republics. 75% of ethnic Namorese in the PRN live in Namor Proper, whereas Outer Namor's population are mostly made up of ethnic non-Namorese minorities.

Districts of modern Namor Proper

Name Capital Population
East Namor Mojing 250,734,452
East Nozama Hatena 135,234,351
Southern Namor Namo 235,486,284
West Namor Westernia 130,436,353
West Nozama Guoctu 104,584,745