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Sultanate of Musandem
سلطنة مسندم
Salṭanat ʻMusāndem
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Largest city Masqat
Official languages Arabic
Demonym Musandemi
Government Unitary Parliamentary Absolute monarchy
 -  Sultan Khalid bin Sultan Al Qassimi
 -  Deputy Prime Minister Iskandar El-Shennawi
 -  2014 estimate 5,492,800
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total $231,229,398,400
 -  Per capita $42,440
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total $115,222,465,600
 -  Per capita $20,982
Currency Musandemi Rial (MUR)
Time zone TST
Internet TLD .mu

Musandem (Arabic: سلطنة ʻMusāndem), or officially the Sultanate of Musandem}} (Arabic: سلطنة مسندم Salṭanat ʻMusāndem) is a Arab country located on the southeastern coast of Akkadiya. Holding a strategic position within the Arabian Gulf, the nation is bordered by the Principality of Canaan to the south, the Republic of Rashaya to the west and the State of Maribaya.