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Total population
Regions with significant populations
 Namor 113,855,207
 Bohemia 2,970,000
 Riro 1,470,272
 Katranjiev 503,292
Minjianese, Namorese
Predominantly Buddhist and Txoist with Christian minorities

Minjianese people (敏柬人 tr. Mǐnjiǎnrén) are a Monic ethnic group native to the region of Minjian in southern Namor. About 114 million Minjianese (approximately 12% of the total population) reside in Namor, making it the second largest ethnic group after Kannei Namorese and the largest minority group by population.

Within Namor, most Minjianese live in "Greater Minjian" - an area that includes the Autonomous Republic of Minjian and parts of the neighboring districts of Southern Namor and Xhipei. Contrary to what its name may suggest, the Autonomous Republic of Minjian is not home to most Minjianese, with only 37.39 million ethnic Minjianese living in that region. However, the Minjian AR has a higher proportion of Minjianese than any other region of Namor. Significant Minjianese communities exist overseas, although they are oftentimes considered the same ethnicity as Kannei Namorese.

The native language of the Minjianese people is Minjianese. Minjianese is the official language of the Minjian AR and Xiaodong. In addition, it is a recognized minority language in Namor. Minjianese in Namor are mostly fluent in Namorese as well, although many speak a variation of it that incorporates vocabulary from Minjianese.



Minjianese cuisine varies by region. While Minjianese living inland eat more vegetables and poultry, Minjianese living in coastal regions eat more seafood.

Rice plays a substantial role in Minjianese cuisine as it does in Namorese cuisine. Due to Minjian's location in the subtropics, rice fields dominate the northern part of the region, making it one of the largest producers of rice in the country.

Naming customs

Like most ethnicities of Namor, MInjianese places emphasis on family surnames. In a Minjianese name, the family name comes first and is then followed by the given name, which consists of either one or two characters. The most common family names among ethnic Minjianese are Zhang (Tzang in Namorese), Zhao (Tsao in Namorese), Li and Chen (Chen or Chin in Namorese depending on region).

Because Namorese is the national language, most ethnic Minjianese have two names - a Minjianese name (which they are usually given at birth) and a Namorese name. In Namorese-speaking communities, the Minjianese name is pronounced according to the Namorese pronunciation of the characters. For example, Hua Jingyi (华景义) in Minjianese becomes Ha Ranna in Namorese. On national identification cards of Minjianese people, only the Namorese name of the person appears, although most English-language media in Namor refer to a Minjianese person by his/her Minjianese name.