Master President of South Vyvland

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Master President of South Vyvland
Former political post
Jeusev Jueves, the inaugural holder of the office
First officeholder Jeusev Jueves
Last officeholder Ans Eloim
Official residence Brynel Palace
Office began 10 May 1935
Office ended 10 June 1984

The Master President (Vyvlander: Mesjrepresideer) was the head of state and head of government of the former Nationalist Republic of Vyvland, more comonly known as South Vyvland. It was a de facto dictatorial position held by only three individuals - Amiral Jeusev Jueves, Erman Sanker and Ans Eloim. All three met their deaths by assassination, although this happened to Eloim years after he rescinded the role of Master President in 1983. All three individuals were members of the Nationalist Movement, the dominant party operating in the country.

Amiral Jeusev Jueves was the inaugural Master President, creating the office upon the partition of Vyvland following the Accords of Nencia at the end of the Vyvlander Civil War in 1935. After a brutal reign resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, Jueves was usurped in 1954 by a coup led by Erman Sanker. Although Erman Sanker introduced elections for the office in 1955, he had already been installed as leader in a Luziycan-backed coup the previous winter. The result in 1955 was a 96% victory for Sanker, in an election near-universally dismissed as fraudulent. This result was reconfirmed four further times through his term in office. There was no common method for choosing a successor to the outgoing Master President; Ans Eloim was only chosen for the rule on the wishes of his predecessor, while Sanker took the office from Jueves by force.

Both Jueves and Sanker were by far the most influential and powerful individuals in the country, with near-absolute dictatorial powers. Jueves especially was keen to micro-manage many areas of Vyvland, and took a particularly tight personal grip on those areas which he suspected would be most susceptible to rebellion. Eloim was different in that he failed to gain the support of most higher-ups in the party; for the majority of his term, his authority was greatly diminished, with states of near-lawlessness operating in some regions and many of the aspects of government falling into the hands of those lower down in the party. The post of Master President was abolished following Vyvlander reunification in 1983.

Name Portrait Term of office Political party
Jeusev Jueves Miklos-horthy--outlawsdiary02tormuoft.png 10 May 1935 18 December 1954 Nationalist Movement
Erman Sanker James Callaghan and Carter crop.jpg 18 December 1954 17 October 1980 Nationalist Movement
Ans Eloim 1977 CPA 4774(Cutted).jpg 17 October 1980 10 June 1984 Nationalist Movement