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The Marine Observation Satellite project (MOST) is a satellite system which studies oceanic conditions, monitoring sea surface temperature (SST) and salinity. The project is a collaboration among several public and private sector actors and spearheaded by three Cadenzan research institutes: the Berúna Institute of Engineering, Cadenzan Meteorological Institute and National Maritime Institute, Canve. In the medium term, it aims to provide complete coverage of the equatorial seas of Astyria.

The MOST project was conceived in 2013 and began accepting tenders from launching partners in early 2015. Launchbox, a private Kur'zheti company, placed the first satellite (MOST-1) into a geostationary orbit in May 2016, over the Sea of Jajich. Positioned over the eastern Mare Ferum, MOST-2 followed in October 2017, with a third satellite planned for mid-2018 to monitor the Sinus Tritonus off Bungussi.[1]

MOST is one of the flagship projects of the Commission of the Sidereal Crown for Space Research, which was established in 2010.


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