Lucia, Princess of Verena

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Princess Lucia
Prince George best 2013.jpg
Lucia, the day after her birth outside the Blackdonian Palace
Born23 September 2017 (1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days)
Blackdonian Palace, Blackdon, Afalia
Full name
Lucia Emily Allora Laura
HouseHouse of Antenfoi-Blackdon
FatherPrince Frederick, Duke of Blartleo
MotherQueen Amelia of Afalia
ReligionChurch of Afalia

Lucia, Princess of Verena (Lucia Emily Allora Laura Antenfoi-Blackdon; born 23 September 2017) is the daughter of Queen Amelia of Afalia and Prince Frederick, Duke of Blartleo, the second child of the royal couple and second in line to the Afalian throne after her older brother Prince George. Lucia was born on the 23rd of September 2017.

Announcement and Birth

Lucia was born at approximately 4:30AM ACST at St Thomas' Hospital in Blackdon. A royal proclamation subsequently announced the girl's name as Lucia, Princess of Verena. Princess Lucia was immediately declared second in line to the throne as Queen Amelia's second child as per the rules of royal succession. Lucia's full name was subsequently announced as Lucia Emily Allora Laura, with Lucia named after Amelia's grandmother, Lucia Chanders, the Queen grandmother, Emily after Princess Emilie of Lyncanestria, Prince Frederick's mother, Allora after Allora of Ghant, Prince Frederick's grandmother and Laura after Laura Princess of Verena, Amelia's sister.

On the 24th of September Amelia and Prince Frederick appeared on the Blackdonian Palace's balcony to present the new Princess to the gathered public.

On the 8th of October Lucia was baptised into the Church of Afalia in a private ceremony in the chapel of the Blackdonian Palace by the Archbishop of Cantwell Daniel Wentworth.