Lori of Aquitayne

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Lori of Aquitayne
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Queen of Aquitayne
Duchess of the Northern isles
Countess of Telora
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Her Majesty the Queen, Lori Reich
Biographical Information
Predecessor Lorain Reich
Full Name Lori Elizabeth Cummings-Reich
Born 7 July 1990
Culture Ganosian
Father Bartholomew Cummings
House House Reich
Spouse King Samuel Reich of Aquitayne
Issue Liam Reich
Sarah Reich
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Queen Lori Cummings-Reich of Aquitayne is the current Queen of Aquitayne, married to her spouse, His Majesty the King of Aquitayne, Samuel Reich. Together they have two children, Liam Reich and Sarah Reich, the oldest being the current heir apparent to the throne. Lori is an only child and was raised by her father after her mother was killed in a tragic car accident. Her father served as an envoy between Neo-Ixania and Aquitayne, which is how she met her now-husband.


Name Birth Death Notes
By King Samuel Reich of Aquitayne
Liam Reich 2014 Current heir apparent and Prince of Aquitayne
Jacob Reich 2014 Current Princess of Aquitayne