List of languages spoken in Aeia

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Aeia is a diverse planet with many different cultures and ethnic groups. Most of these groups and cultures speak different languages. Below is a list of languages spoken in Aeia.

Nations should only be listed if the language is an official language of the nation, a recognized language of the nation, or if a sizable population speaks the language. Languages are listed alphabetically as are the nations. The estimated number of speakers is a rough estimate of the number of people across Aeia.

List of Languages

Language Nations it is used Estimated number of speakers
including dialects
30 million
Alemannic Languages
(including dialects)
219 million
(sometimes called Asuro-Lhedwinic)
3 million
Aquidish  Aquidneck
72 million
(sometimes called Asuro-Majulan)
63 million
Elhazian  Elhazia 32 million
Lhaeraidh Languages
(including dialects)
 Mardin Isles
 tir Lhaeraidd
104 million
including dialects
 The Babaran Isles
 Vrnallia (no legal status)
27.1 million
Mashahith  Hipasia
8.8 million
Ma'lbanil  Malban 65 million
(including dialects)
 Sant Masllorenç
Tiwura flag.png Tiwura
259 million
Nausikaan  Crylante (Nausikaa) 700 thousand
Newreyan  Aleia
75 million
North Majulan  Sacemes 1 million
Ostric  Navack
30 thousand
Arabekhi  Onza
75 million
Tapetihan  Nordhurlant 820 thousand
Nordhic  Nordhurlant 135 thousand
Transcandarian  Transcandar 10 million
Veyene-Babarane  The Babaran Isles
3.5-4.0 million
Volghari  Volghar 30 million
Vrnallian  Vrnallia
 tir Lhaeraidd
1.45 million
Xhentsu  Volghar 3 million
Åndalsi  Navack 400 thousand