Leader of Hollinsgurd

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Leader of the Republic of Hollinsgurd
Yuna Repina

since 1 October 2025
Residence Aickle Palace
Appointer Registered Voters, Electoral College Representation
Term length Five Years, no term limit
Inaugural holder Christopher Pirgov I
Salary 400,000(ю) annually ($764,000)

The Leader of Hollinsgurd, sometimes referred to informally as the President, is the leader of the Federation of the Republic of Hollinsgurd, the executive branch that is synonymous to the central people's government. The Leader serves as the head of government of Hollinsgurd and holds the highest rank in the Hollingurd civil service.

The Leader is elected directly every 5 years by all registered voters using the Super Democratic Electoral System which was created in 2005 by the Nekrasov Administration.

The election to elect the Leader of Hollinsgurd is on August 1st of the election year. The winner of the election will be sworn in on the notorious October 1st of the election year.


For a candidate pursuing to be Leader, he/she must adhere to these qualifications

  • Being born a citizen of Hollinsgurd within its realm.
  • Reached the age of 35 years or older
  • Having full citizenship within the realm of Hollinsgurd for at least 15 years

Prior legislation had been overruled by the Super Democratic Electoral System designed by former Leader Alexander Nekrasov in 2005 that states no prior government experience is needed to run for office. This opened the field for many contenders in 2015 when the Super Democratic Electoral System was implemented, also the year Nekrasov stepped down.

Powers and Duties

Guarantor of the Constitution

As the guarantor of the Constitution and the entire system of constitutional law, the Leader ensures that the constitutions, laws and regulations of the constituent territories of the Federative Republic be in full compliance with the country’s Constitution and federal laws.


List of Hollinsgurdian Leaders

Leader Start of Term End of Term Length of Leadership Authority
Christopher Pirgov I 20 July 1914 16 September 1923 9Y, 1M, 27D First Authority
Christopher Pirgov II 16 Septemebr 1923 29 January 1937 13Y, 4M, 13D First Authority
Peter Alekseeva 29 January 1937 17 March 1941 4Y, 1M, 17D First Authority
Ignat Yegorov 17 March 1941 26 December 1954 13Y, 9M, 9D Second Authority
Ian Yegorov 26 December 1954 3 October 1967 12Y, 9M, 7D Second Authority
Zakir Sokolov 3 October 1967 12 December 1973 6Y, 2M, 9D Second Authority
Vlad Mirnov 12 December 1973 16 March 1977 3Y, 3M, 4D Second Authority
Schmid Barna 16 March 1977 14 April 1985 8Y, 29D Third Authority
Klim Istomin 14 April 1985 17 March 1992 6Y, 11M, 3D Third Authority
Jacob Zhirov 17 March 1992 1 March 1995 2Y, 11M, 12D Third Authority
Alexander Nekrasov 3 March 1995 1 October 2015 20Y, 7M Fourth Authority
Alexander C. Netrysov 1 October 2015 1 October 2020 5Y Fourth Authority
Jacob B. Belov 1 October 2020 1 October 2025 5Y Fourth Authority
Yuna Repina 1 October 2025 3 October 2040 15Y 3D Fourth Authority
Svetlana Kovalyova 3 October 2040 in current term in current Fourth Authority