Kiang Ssxu

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Kiang Ssxu
Кианг Ссху
3rd President-General of the People's Republic of Namor
In office
24 November NMR 2305 – 20 December NMR 2315
Preceded by Mikhail Sxo
Succeeded by Gelai Antelope
Personal details
Born October 18, NMR 2243
Kui, East Namor, Antelopian Dynasty
Died January 27, NMR 2330 (aged 86)
Shayen, Shanpei, People's Republic of Namor
Nationality Namorese
Political party Liberationist Party
Spouse(s) Kiang Junchang
Children Kiang Jin
Alma mater University of Namo
Profession General, politician
Religion None (Atheist)

Kiang Ssxu (Кианг Ссху) was the President-General of the People's Republic of Namor from NMR 2305 to NMR 2315. He fought alongside the Liberationist Party of Namor in the Namorese Civil War, and gained a high seat in the PRN government after the Liberationist victory. During the NMR 2300s he befriended Yunglang Antelope, won his favor and became President-General in NMR 2305. He helped Yunglang organize the Green Fever political movement shortly after taking office. Kiang organized the Green Youth Organization (GYO) and became its "deputy commander (Yunglang was the "supreme commander" of the GYO although Kiang actually oversaw its activities). The GYO was notoriously known for its practice of political violence throughout Kiang's presidency, attacking Namorese tradition, assaulting cultural relics and humiliating political enemies. Kiang said that the GYO was "waging revolution" and endorsed its activities.

Kiang's downfall accelerated after Yunglang Antelope's death in NMR 2315. After a shouting match between him and the Central Council, Kiang tried to suppress the Liberationist Party's moderate faction by ordering the dissolution of the Central Council. A political crisis ensued, ending with the military intervening in support of the Central Council and removing Kiang from office. Kiang was publicly tried and prosecuted by the new government of counter-revolution, abuse of power and disregard for the constitution, and was sentenced to life. However, he was granted amnesty and was banished to the far north in Shanpei, where he lived with his family until his death in NMR 2330, at the age of 86.

A historical and political debate continues over who was more responsible for executing the Green Fever and bringing about chaos---Kiang Ssxu or Yunglang Antelope. Although post-Yunglang administrations continued to venerate Yunglang despite his initiation of the movement and blamed Kiang for most problems caused by the movement, recent historians assert both statesmen share an amount of responsibility.