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Capital of Meriad
Region Nordvakt
Mayor Ethan Jamdring
Population (2013)
 • City 792,828
 • Urban 1,207,830
Demonym Járnfjördures
Time zone Ordic Common Time (UTC0)

Járnfjördur (Meriadni: Iron fjord) is the capital and third-largest city in Meriad. It is the administrative capital of the region of Nordvakt, in northern Meriad, on the coast of the North Neptic Ocean. Járnfjördur has a population of 792,828, and an urban population of 1,207,830. The Járnfjördur Metropolitan Area consists of the city of Járnfjördur and the commuter towns of Goplen, Holderstadt, Greevensburg, and Jolving. It is the northernmost metropolitan area of over one million inhabitants, and the northernmost capital city in the world.

Járnfjördur is the home of the headquarters of the Ordic League, and hosts the annual summit of the Nordic Congress on a rotating schedule over four years.