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Iglesian Union
Eylesyën Unyon
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Great Seal of Iglesiantis
Flag Great Seal
Motto: Uny & Eternal
United and Eternal
Anthem: A Brillyant Nyve Myve
A Bright New World
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Map of Iglesiantis
Location of Iglesiantis in Esquarium
Largest city Larenna
Official language
and national language
Recognised regional
Yamean, Vyvlander, Jagoda
Demonym Iglesian
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
 -  President Belmyre Belrose
 -  Vice President Leonard Syaenstey
 -  Speaker of the Senate Benjamyn Ryan
 -  Speaker of the House Jean Darley
 -  Judge President Martyn Blysseant
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
 -  Foundation Unknown 
 -  Empire 1414 
 -  Iglesian Revolution 4 May 1768 
 -  Total 11,060,366 km2
4,270,431 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 2.5
 -  2015 estimate 462,720,505
 -  2010 census 457,208,658
 -  Density 41/km2
108/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $24.764 trillion
 -  Per capita $53,520
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $24.764 trillion
 -  Per capita $53,520
Gini (2015)positive decrease 35.8
HDI (2015)Steady 0.920
very high
Currency Iglesian blyne (Ƀ) (EYB)
Time zone (UTC+5 to +7)
 -  Summer (DST)  (UTC+6 to +8[a])
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Drives on the right
Calling code +3
ISO 3166 code EYU
Internet TLD .ey
a. ^ See Time in Iglesiantis for details about time zones in Iglesiantis.