He who plays with the feces gets eaten by the hens

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He who plays with the feces gets eaten by the hens (Greek: Οποιος παίζει με τα πίτουρα τον τρώνε οι κότες) is an idiom, presumably originating within the lands that now constitute the Republic of Eagleland. Internationally, its true meaning is unknown and is the subject of intense debate among scholars. However, in the Eagleland proper, it usually refers to the negative consequences persons that deal with lowly matters must contend with, as in persons that deal with lowly matters such as crime or slander stand a great risk of being 'consumed', 'defeated' themselves. The "idiom" went viral on the internet since the speech of Manto Demou of Eagleland.


Modern usage

On his 2007 album Da Hens, Aisling-Eaglelander rap artist Lethal-T used a corruption of the saying during the track "Can't Catch The Hens"

You think you the shit? We da hens
Play wit us and ya life'll fuckin' end[1]

Lethal-T confirmed that the idiom was the basis for his rhyme in a 2007 interview with StarLine. "I grew up with shit like that in my house. Even though I got no love for my parents, or they got no love for me, I just try to keep it real, right?"

In 2016, President Manto Demou of Eagleland used this idiom during a press conference concerning the Eaglelander government's decision to deport Estovnian nationals without permanent residence from its lands.[2] Professor Delia Kouris, Chair of the Department of Hellenic Studies at Imperial Provisa University, attempted to offer a plain-meaning translation, saying, "There is a longstanding Eaglelander cultural idiom that translates roughly to this statement in English, however, it means, 'One who acts stupid is liable to be consumed by birds of prey.' I believe that is what President Demou was referencing." However, other Hellenist scholars dispute this speculation. Professor Georgios Thados challenges this thesis, positing that "if that was what Mrs. Demou meant, she would have said it that way. Clearly she meant a different idiom that is more obscure in Greco-Basilene history."

In 2014, a popular Aisling movie produced by a Tarsan nobleman calling "Taxi Cop: Revenge" came out and featured the saying as the prominent catch phrase of the main character. It was considered a parody of Eagleland.

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