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Gregor Gołovič
President of Ceresnia
Assumed office
26 January 2018
Prime Minister Mikołaj Vojcič
Miłorad Odzdžovič
Preceded by Viesłav Pierak
Lubomir Bukovič (Acting)
Member of the Esquarian Parliament
In office
1 January 2014 – 20 January 2018
Constituency Trafov
Member of the House of Representatives
In office
15 December 2010 – 1 January 2014
Constituency Grałov
Minister of Interior and Administration
In office
6 January 2010 – 3 March 2010
Preceded by Aleksander Ostrak
Succeeded by Mir Uklejevič
Mayor of Grałov
In office
12 May 2005 – 12 May 2009
Preceded by Aleksander Vorogov
Succeeded by Želisłav Prybojski
Personal details
Born Gregor Słavomir Gołovič
(1961-04-07) 7 April 1961 (age 57)
Grałov, Ceresnia
Political party Ceresnian Democratic Union (1998–present)
Spouse(s) Ludmiła Maširova (m. 1985)
Children Erik (b. 1991)
Petr (b. 1993)
Magdalena (b. 1995)
Alma mater Anatol Antonov University

Gregor Słavomir Gołovič (Ceresnian pronunciation: [ˈgrɛgɔr gɔˈɫɔvʲit͡ʂ]; born 7 April 1961) is a Ceresnian politician who has been the President of Ceresnia since 2018. He was previously a member of the Esquarian Parliament from 2014 to 2018, and the House of Representatives of Ceresnia from 2010 to 2014. Gołovič also served as Minister of Interior and Administration in 2010 and Mayor of Grałov from 2005 to 2009.

Born in Grałov, in the former People's Republic of Ceresnia, Gołovič studied politics and political sciences at the Anatol Antonov University in Grałov (then known as the University of Grałov). In 1984, he applied to join the youth wing of the anti-communist opposition party, the Civic Movement, and was accepted but later left, intending to form his own political movement.

In 1990 Gołovič founded the United Ceresnia political party, which disbanded in 1995. He then joined the Ceresnian Democratic Union party and ran for the office of Mayor of Grałov in 2001 but lost. In 2005, he ran again and won, serving as mayor until 2009. In 2010, Gołovič was elected to become a member of the Ceresnian House of Representatives, representing the constituency of the city of Grałov, and was subsequently also elected to become a member of the Esquarian Parliament in 2014, representing the constituency of Trafov.

Gołovič was the presidential candidate for the opposition Ceresnian Democratic Union party in the 2018 snap presidential election against Lubomir Bukovič of the Civic Movement, after the impeachment of Viesłav Pierak, which he won in the first round, amassing 51.5% of the vote. He was subsequently inaugurated as President of Ceresnia on 26 January 2018, succeeding his opponent who had served as acting president.

Early life

Gołovič was born in the city of Grałov. His father, Ludomir Gołovič, and his mother, Bogna Biemova, were both factory workers at an agricultural plant. Gołovič at first attended a small, rural primary school in his village, but later a major high school, Gorysłav Malanovski High School in Grałov.

He graduated from the Vitoš Chrmieščov University, which was then known as the University of Grałov due to elimination of anti-communist symbolism by the government, where he had studied politics and political sciences.

Gołovič was conscripted into the military in 1979 for a years' compulsory military service, but he remained in the military and served in the Ceresnian People's Land Defence until being discharged in 1984.

Political career

1984–2001: Early political career

During the early 1980s, Gołovič was still in the military but he wanted to find a career in politics. In 1984, after being discharged, Gołovič applied to join the youth wing of the anti-communist opposition party, the Civic Movement. He was accepted, but subsequently left in 1986 to form his own political movement, only to be rejected by the government.

Until the fall of communism, Gołovič was active as an underground press publisher. In 1990, after the communist regime in Ceresnia fell, Gołovič founded the United Ceresnia political party, which was disestablished in 1995 due to divergences in members' political ideologies, brought on by the party's big tent mentality.

2001–2018: Mayor of Grałov and Member of Parliament

Gołovič then joined the newly-founded Ceresnian Democratic Union party in 1998. He ran for the office of Mayor of Grałov in 2001 but lost to Aleksander Vorogov. In 2005, Gołovič ran again and won the office, serving as mayor until 2009, and introducing reforms to the city's infrastructure, including introducing a new system of trolleybuses which are a popular mode of transportation in larger cities, including Grałov.

In January 2010, Gołovič briefly served as the Minister of Interior and Administration of Ceresnia after a crisis involving the previous cabinet.

In December 2010, Gołovič became a member of the Ceresnian lower house, the House of Representatives, for Grałov. He was subsequently elected to become a member of the Esquarian Parliament in 2014.

2018–present: Presidency

Gołovič was declared as the candidate of the opposition Ceresnian Democratic Union party in the 2018 snap presidential election in October 2017, after the impeachment of Viesłav Pierak.

Gołovič's major rival in the election was the Civic Movement's candidate, Lubomir Bukovič, who also served as President of the Senate and acting president from after Pierak's removal from office until Gołovič's inauguration. He won in the first round, amassing 51.5% of the vote and therefore winning outright and avoiding a second run-off election or second round of voting.

The election was held during a period of political upheaval which lasted from the impeachment of Viesłav Pierak until Gołovič's inauguration; after Pierak was removed from office, Lubomir Bukovič, who was also Gołovič's main rival in the election, took over as acting President. Major protests took place against the corrupt Civic Movement's government, and Gregor Gołovič was seen as the leader of the opposition.

Gołovič was inaugurated in the House of Representatives of Ceresnia on 26 January 2018. On his first day as President, Gołovič issued 10 Presidential decrees, including a lengthy decree setting goals for the Ceresnian economy and infrastructure. Others covered issues concerning education, foreign relations, and defence.

Domestic policies

Economic and industrial policies

Religious policy

Human rights policy

Environmental policy

Foreign policy

Relations with Borean countries

Gołovič meets with President of Aucuria Pantaleimonas Uspelevičius, Kalnaspilis, 1 February 2018

Ceresnia had strained relations with some neighbouring countries such as Razaria due to nuclear tensions after Viesłav Pierak installed an anti-ballistic missile system in 2017, prompting Razaria to carry out missile tests and military excersies. Gołovič has called for a renewal of warm Ceresnian-Razarian relations following the impeachment of Pierak which itself was justified, among the main reasons related to electoral fraud, also by these tensions, on multiple occasions throughout his campaign and presidency.

The neighbouring country of Refidian continues to rely on Ceresnia as a source of gas and oil deposits located in Western Ceresnia and transported into Refidian via a minor pipeline. This makes warm relations with Ceresnia key to Refidian and Gołovič acknowledged this on a state visit to Refidian, stating that Ceresnia mutually relies on Refidian.

Chancellor of Veirsia Zďešchlaw Suwchlkowski criticised Gołovič in February 2018 after he failed to comment on his stances concerning the Ceresnian Borderland Republic, a separatist state in Veirsia which is located in an ethnically Ceresnian region and claims allegiance to Ceresnia. After Gołovič failed to release a statement, relations with Veirsia deteriorated. On 24 February 2018 Gołovič released a statement in which he states that the Borderland Republic is an ethnically Ceresnian land, however the statement was criticised as 'vague' and 'departing from the subject'.

Relations with several Borean countries such as Aucuria have improved following international trips made by Gołovič, and during Gołovič's trip to the 2018 West Borean Summit in Kalnaspilis, Aucurian President Pantaleimonas Uspelevičius expressed his support for Gołovič in his "latest pursuit to mend Ceresnia's international relations".

Relations with Luziyca

Gołovič has stated that Luziyca remains "the largest and most important partner for Ceresnia both in the political and economic fields". Both countries are member states of supranational organisations such as the International League and the Esquarian Community.

Since Gołovič was elected president, the two states have co-operated increasingly and Gołovič went on an international trip to the Esquarian Economic Forum in February 2018 where he met with Luziycan President Damir Agapov, with whom he discussed the future of the two countries' relations. He also discussed trade issues, for which he received the President's "E" Award from the Department of Finance of Luziyca.

Gołovič has said that he "aims to undermine any diplomatic tensions between Luziyca and Ceresnia which might have arose during the tenure in which Pierak was president", specifically referencing a negative Luziycan response to Pierak's anti-ballistic missile activities against Razaria. He also stated that "any past problems should be disregarded" and that the "future mutual course and fate of the two states should be encouraged".

Esquarian Community


International trips

Electoral history

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Personal life


Gołovič is married to Ludmiła Maširova, the daughter of a prominent Ceresnian humanitarian worker and philanthropist, Gregor Maširov, since 1985. They have three children; two sons, Dobromir (born 1991) and Słavomir (born 1993), and a daughter, Bogna (born 1995), who has also went on to study politics at the University of Grałov.


Gołovič is a devout Tastanist and has financed the restoration and construction of its buildings and places of worship in Ceresnia. He he has taken part in several religious ceremonies since becoming President.



Political offices
Preceded by
Aleksander Ostrak
Minister of Interior and Administration
Succeeded by
Mir Uklejevič
Preceded by
Lubomir Bukovič
President of Ceresnia