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Green Party
Patit Verte
FounderAmaury Marsane
LeaderMichelle Blanc
Deputy LeaderPierre Rien
Founded4 May 1986 (4 May 1986)
HeadquartersRuevale, Lotrič
IdeologyGreen politics
Official colours     Green
Public Assembly
10 / 400
3 / 100
Election symbol
Politics of Midrasia
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The Green Party (Midrasian: Patit Verte) is a green, left-wing political party in Midrasia. Formed in 1986 amid the emergence of the wider Aeian environmentalist movement, the Green Party has come to be the leading advocate for green politics within modern Midrasia. The party has become increasingly popular in recent years, attracting a significant amount of support through local initiatives and nationwide and even international campaigning. Currently, the party boasts ten seats within the Public Assembly and three seats in the Senate. The party also holds three seats in the Asuran Parliament.



The Green party was formed on 4 May 1986 by Amaury Marsane, a former member of the activist group Gaia Initiative. Marsane broke with the group due to what he saw as a inability to work within mainstream politics to achieve their goals, a factor he believed to be detrimental to the overall environmentalist movement. With a number of other former members of the Initiative, along with several other environmental activists, Marsane officially created the party to participate within Midrasian elections. Initially, the party lacked the funding to participate within general elections, however the early successes of the party on the local level, combined with a number of influential financial backers, the party was able to secure sufficient funds to participate in a number of seats for the 1990 general election.

Although the party was unable to secure any seats within the 1990 election, the party was able to gain one seat in the Public Assembly during the 1994 general election. The party's emergence onto the national stage allowed the Greens to gain considerable influence and support for their local initiatives, paving the way for environmentalism to become a key issue within mainstream Midrasian politics. By 2002 the party boasted three seats within the lower house and had more than doubled its support base since the late 1990s.


The party's main breakthrough however came in the 2005 general election, wherein the party gained four seats to take them to six overall, making the Greens the fourth largest party in the Assembly. The party also managed to secure its first seat within the Senate following the local elections of the same day. This new level of popularity enjoyed by the party propelled it to new heights within Midrasian politics, allowing the party to contribute a number of environmental initiatives for consideration. The work of the party both on a local and national level saw it return to the Assembly in 2009 with 9 seats in the Public Assembly. However, party leader Marsane announced the following year that he would be leaving Midrasian politics due to family considerations. As such, Michelle Blanc was appointed party leader following the subsequent leadership election. Under Blanc's leadership the party gained a further seat in the Assembly in the 2013 election and increased their Senate total to 3 seats. Since then however, the party's poll ratings have suffered due to the rise of the Socialist Party, suggesting the Greens may lose several seats in the upcoming election in 2017.

Electoral performance


Election year Public Assembly Government
# of
overall votes
 % of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
1990 260,001 0.5 %
0 / 416
in opposition
1994 352,790 1.6 %
1 / 416
Increase 1 in opposition
1999 932,478 1.9 %
2 / 400
Increase 1 in opposition
2002 2,321,714 4.8 %
3 / 400
Increase 1 in opposition
2005 3,074,113 7.3 %
6 / 400
Increase 4 in opposition
2009 4,282,559 7.6 %
9 / 400
Increase 3 in opposition
2013 4,644,980 7.8 %
10 / 400
Increase 1 in opposition

Asuran Parliament

Election year # of
overall votes
 % of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
2016 432,467 2.7 %
3 / 110