Ghantish language

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Spoken in Ghant
Native speakers 160 million (2010)
L2: 1 million
Language family
Writing system Latin (Ghantish alphabet)
Official status
Official language in  Ghant
Regulated by Ghantish Language Institute
Language codes
ISO 639-3 gnt

The Ghantish language is a Language isolate spoken as a native language by approximately 155 million people, and as a second language by approximately 1 million people. It is the official language of Ghant. Speakers of the Ghantish language are known as Ghantophones, and a Ghantish speaking population is said to be Ghantophone.


The Ghantish language originates from Old Ghantish, a language spoken in antiquity, which consisted of several different dialects. Before that, Proto-Ghantish was spoken since before recorded history. The first documents written in the Old Ghantish dialect were written in a runic script, as were the other Old Ghantish dialects. Whether there were Ghantish languages spoken elsewhere remains unknown.

The Old Ghantish language underwent significant changes following interaction with Nordanians and other foreigners, most notably, the runic script which Ghantish language had previously been written in was replaced by a Latin script by 700. By 800, Old Ghantish had developed into the modern Ghantish language spoken today.

Geographical Distribution

Ghantish is spoken as a first language by over 155 million people, the largest population of which is located in Ghant. Ghantish holds the status as Ghant's sole official language, and it is the native language to around 95% of the nation's population.

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Ghantish alphabet and pronunciation