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The Social Republic and Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta
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Motto: Alle Menschen und Zauberpferde sind Brüder
Anthem: ''Frenequesta Hymn''
CapitalNeue Bayreuth
Largest city Neue Bayreuth
(13.7 million people)
Official languages English, German, Mandarin Chinese
Recognised national languages Equestrian (Mainly Herdite Dialects)
Ethnic groups (2220) Freneq-Joplinian 87.6%
Pony 8.1%
Amerikan 1.1%
Kreanolthan 0.5%
Kipperite 0.4%
Other 2.1%
Demonym Frenequestan (Official Documentation), Freneq (Common)
Government Semi-Federal Presidential Republic/Technocratic Syndicate
 -  Minister Advisor and President Claire Ritter Rieu
 -  Founding Day October 17 
 -  Total 18.438.062 km2
7 sq mi
 -  2222 estimate 81,080,232
 -  2219 census 77,980,241
 -  Density 4.23/km2
11/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2220 estimate
 -  Total 3.11 Trillion $NS
 -  Per capita 39,882 $NS
Gini (2220)35.1
HDI (2220).941
very high
Currency New Sync (θ) (FNS)
Drives on the right

The Social Republic and Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta is a country occupying the continent of Terramer on the planet of Aprioriposteriori.

Etymology and Terms

"Frenequesta" is an Anglicization of an early proposed name and motto for the defunct nation of Joplinia-Lambscott, Fú Rén Kē Xué, meaning "Prosperity, Benevolence, Science, and Learning". The original Chinese phrase is sometimes used as a second, unofficial motto for the country. One folk etymology, popularized by some prominent politicians and news outlets, states that it is a corruption of the term "friend request" because of a unconscious desire by the first Solicitor General of Frenequesta, Wilson Demeter, a Facebook fan, to promote Freneq diplomatic interests, although this story has been soundly discredited.

"Frenequestan" is the broadest and most accepted term of all things relating to that country, especially its people. "Freneq-Joplinian" refers to people who originally fled V022471 (see History) or those descended from them. "Freneq" is interchangeable with "Frenequestan" but only as an adjective.


Archaeological evidence indicates that 100 million years before the arrival of the Freneq-Joplinians, a relatively advanced civilization thrived in the area around what is now Unirove, as indicated by a recently discovered rock layer showing patterns of right angles and hyperbolas with deposits of rare crystal formation patterns normally constructed artificially. Later research showed that this civilization extended from Unirove to what is now Platzetorf, and others speculate that it extended into what is now Cwithers. (No evidence of this civilization has been found in the Neue Bayreuth area, because the Behrmann Range which surrounds it is relatively new and had not formed by the time the civilization had disappeared.) Because the civilization was apparently capable of interstellar flight, many believe the ancient civilization's descendants now live elsewhere in the Freneq universe, but no claims have been put forward by any foreign body.

Another excavation near the city of Zappora is also thought to have hosted another ancient, but different, civilization, but this is still under dispute by archaeologists. To date, the Unirove-Platzetorf sites remains the only confirmed evidence of previous sapient habitation of Terramer.

The first modern residents of Frenequesta, came to Aprioriposteriori in 2212 fleeing the decimated planet of V022471. Finding the continent devoid of civilization, construction of the cities of Neue Bayreuth, Platzetorf, Denniston and Cwithers began that year, with Fox Dole Altar, Unirove, Ost Sempach, and La Vitabreve City beginning early the following year. The nation was formally organized in a public ceremony in Neue Bayreuth on October 17, 2214, with the first true elections occuring on December 30th of that year, which remains Frenequesta's official Election Day.

The first non-Freneq-Joplinians arrived in 2213, among them former residents of The Merchant Republics, Kreanoltha, The Floor Kippers, and New Amerik. The first Ponies arrived in 2215, the first being YellowApple explorers but then from other relatively advanced Pony Lands nations such as the Greater Pony Herd and Lykosia. In late 2214 Frenequesta formally joined the Realm of Unrestricted Science, of which The Floor Kippers and New Amerik are a part of. In 2220 Frenequesta also joined the Coalition of Ponyist States shortly before their disbanding. It maintains significant ties with its former members, especially the GPH, Lykosia, and Montesardo-East Adanzi.

In 2224 Frenequesta made a significant expansion into the Pony Lands by formally declaring the island of Charkovia the Territory of Martire, with its first "conventional" military base located in the city of Brazenfield.

Geography and Climate

Frenequesta, occupying the entire continent of Terramer, shows the variety of landscapes of the same. Of note is the southwestern coastal plains extending from Unirove to Platzetorf, with the Behrmann Range extending into an arc protecting the Tristan River Watershed that surrounds the coastal capital of Neue Bayreuth. Also of importance is the Kettingstone range in the north, extending from northern Kittgenstein to Trumpor, containing some of Frenequesta's highest mountains. The eastern side of the country also boasts some coastal plains between Cwithers and Zappora. The Jorgen Desert occupies the mid-northeastern part of the country, while the Tianmu forest occupies the northwest.

The country's climate is best described as temperate, bordering on humid subtropical around Neue Bayreuth, humid continental throughout most of the nation, and cooler in the north. Alpine climates can be found throughout the Kettingstone Range.

The sparsely populated eastern part of the country, due to its deserts, poor-quality soil, and lack of rivers, has given rise to the native expression "somewhere east of Cwithers", meaning "uncharted territory".


Frenequesta is a federal presidential republic with a technocratic syndicate, hence its pretitle, "The Social Republic and Scientific Collectives" (often shortened to SRSC). It is characterized by a strong connection between the government bureaucracies and specially designated groups such as think tanks and professional organizations that actively play a role in administrative and in some cases, legislative activities.

The Ministry Council

The Ministry Council serves as Frenequesta's head of government, and oversees all government bureaucracies as the nation's executive branch. It consists of ten members, which include the heads, or Secretaries, of one of the nine Freneq Ministries, plus the Minister Advisor and President, who only votes in case of a tie or temporary absence of a Secretary. It is responsible for approving bills passed by the Popular Legislature. Each Minister also has a separate subcouncil that is responsible for reviewing the bills most relevant to their department before they go to the full Ministry Council.

The Popular Legislature

The Popular Legislature consists of 1,201 elected representatives...

The Judicial System

Freneq Law


Frenequesta's mixed economy has become in recent years one of the most powerful in the Realm of Unrestricted Science, with a strong emphasis on technological innovation and a highly skilled and educated labor force.



The vast majority of Frenequestan citizens are classified as "Freneq-Joplinian", a catch-all term for the various populations of former citizens of Joplinia-Lambscott before their country disbanded. This can be divided into subcategories depending on the predominant Earth-based ethnic/national background, and is estimated to be divided as follows (2222 estimate):

Mixed: 35% American/Canadian: 25% Chinese: 20% Swiss/German: 15% Other: 5%

English, Mandarin Chinese, and German are considered the official languages of Frenequesta, and 99% speak at least one of these languages at home and over 75% know at least two.


The largest Freneq minority group, as well as its fastest growing, are Ponies, with about 60 percent of them coming from the Greater Pony Herd. They make up about 8.1% of the population and are expected to make up 15% by 2245. Their presence has prompted several Freneq-Joplinian politicians, as well as representatives of the Ponies themselves, to propose motions that designate Equestrian as Frenequesta's fourth official language. These proposals have never made it past the first committee stages to date, however.

The national origin of Ponies are as follows (2222 estimate):

GPH: 59.5% Lykosia: 24.1% YellowApple: 10.2% Lubyak: 3.3% Other: 2.9%