Frankenlisch Marathon Bombing

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Frankenlisch Marathon Bombing
Imperial soldiers of the Westonland Fusiliers help victims out of a side street by the bomb site.
LocationApothecary's Avenue, Frankenlisch
TargetFrankenlisch Marathon
Weapon(s)Semtex explosive charge
Suspected perpetratorsHomofront or similar LGBT+ extremist groups

The Frankenlisch Marathon Bombing was a terrorist bombing attack on Apothecary's Avenue in the centre of the City of Frankenlisch. The attack was suspected to be perpetrated by LGBT+ extremists, likely from Homofront or similar organisations. 24 people were killed including multiple members of the Westonland Fusiliers. 43 people were injured, including members of the Westonland Fusiliers and King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch.