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Name Гукчи
The National Flag
Use Civil and State flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted NMR 2290
Design Blue-white-green tricolor with red star on the middle

The Flag of Namor (Namorese: Гукчи, Gukchi, literally meaning the The National Flag) is the national and civil flag of the People's Republic of Namor. It has been the national flag since NMR 2290 after the Liberationist victory in the Namorese Civil War and the establishment of the People's Republic. The flag is a blue-white-green tricolor with a red star surrounded by a circle in the center.

The flag was adopted by a national committee out of 2,576 flag designs that were submitted after the Preparatory Committee issued a request for flag designs to be submitted. According to the Preparatory Committee, the flag needed to show Namorese characteristics, power characteristics (symbolism of a democratic people's government). In addition, the shape should be rectangular and the length-breadth ratio should be 3:2, and the flag needed to mainly consist of the colors green and blue (colors favored by the Liberationist Party as symbols of social democracy). Finally, the flag design submitted by an artist, Haruki Tu, was approved by the Preparatory Committee and even by Yunglang Antelope himself. On March 28, NMR 2290, the first flag was hoisted on the flagpole in Namo's Liberation Square.

Green symbolizes the color of the Namorese Revolution, blue stands for the Nozama River as well as the people's decision to uphold social democracy. White symbolizes the open government promised by the Liberationists, while the red star is a symbol of unity of all nationalities under the Namorese Nation.

In NMR 2292, the flag underwent a proportion change, and the modified flag is official to this day.


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