East Namor Sea

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East Namor Sea
Намора Тунгxои (Namorese Tzishin)
纳摩尔东海 (Ventzi)
𣷷苏格兰 (Tuhaoese)
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Map of the East Namor Sea
Location Between Lahudica and South Velkia
Type Sea
Primary inflows various
Islands Peitoan archipelago
Qianrongese archipelago
Sonlang archipelago
Vanhotoan archipelago
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The East Namor Sea, commonly known as the East Sea, is a large body of water situated in Esquarium between the continents of Borea and Velkia. It borders the Central Ocean to the southwest and the Sea of Nautarya to the south. Countries that are situated in or border the sea include Namor, Chorea, Ionland, and Ainin.

Because of its location, the East Namor Sea is considered vital to international maritime trade, with a large majority of sea routes between the Central Ocean and Great Ocean traversing it. The sea's bountifulness in resources such as natural gas and fish has contributed to the development of neighboring economies. In addition to its economic vitality, the sea has played a substantial role in the development of several Monic societies.


The name East Namor Sea has multiple origins. The ancient Namorese referred to the sea as Hoi ("The Ocean"), an area that also included parts of the present-day Lahudic Sea, but the term Tunghoi ("East Sea") was simultaneously used due to the sea's location east of Namor.


Beach in Sandinghan, Southern Namor

Peitoan archipelago

  • Angtoa
  • Chungtoa
  • Meitoa
  • Peitoa
  • Wangatoa

Qianrongese archipelago

  • Kahilagaan
  • Napakahatin
  • Minjian
  • Tianlan
  • Duoyang
  • Gengda
  • Tuhao
  • Dong Bang
  • Khong Tiep

Sonlang archipelago

  • Yasuitoa
  • Ajutoa
  • Fanghuantoa
  • Haijutoa
  • Huangsetoa
  • Venmutoa
  • Vulintoa
  • Zanchuntoa

Vanhotoan archipelago

  • Yichuntoa
  • Yuvutoa
  • Shafangtoa
  • Aguktoa

Kodesia archipelago

  • Kunakdo
  • Juyoseom
  • Mulgaseom

Eastern Isles



  • Papunya
  • Wadpi
  • Beonjaek
  • Mujuga
  • Daegi
  • Kaewonggi
  • Yagoonya
  • Aeoma
  • Kokkoda
  • Tapini
  • Taewongba
  • Payama