Conservative Party (Carloso)

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Conservative Party
Partido Conservador
LeaderFerdinand Casares
HeadquartersMadrigal, Carloso
Youth wingYoung Conservatives
Membership  (2018)Increase 10,000,000+
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Economic liberalism
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right
Official colours     Dark blue
183 / 859
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The Conservative Party (Spanish: Partido Conservador) is a centre-right political party active in Carloso. It is the second largest party in the country, after National Salvation. Historically, it has been in government more times than any other party in Carloso, however its support collapsed following the Blue Revolution, overwhelmingly in favour of National Salvation, which was founded by former dissident members of the Conservatives. Since 2015 its leader has been Ferdinand Casares.