Confederate Republic of Wolfstern

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The Confederate Republic of Wolfstern
Confederate Republik von Wölfstern
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Motto: Drei Sterne, Ein Volk
Anthem: "Wenn Wir Marschieren"
CapitalGermania, Windhelm
Official languages German
Ethnic groups Human 99.8%, Other 0.2%
Religion Esoteric Pagan Occultism
Demonym Wolfsterner,
West Wolfsterner,
Government National Socialist Single-Party State
 -  Führer Heinrich Koenig
 -  Chancellor Walter Himmlersohn
Legislature Reichstag
 -  Confederate Republic Established TBA 
 -  census 10,560,000,000
Gini (337AR)positive decrease 31.4
HDI Increase 0.933
very high
Currency Confederate Reichsmark (CRM)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Drives on the right

The Confederate Republic of Wolfstern, more commonly referred to as Confederate Wolfstern or sometimes Windhelm, is an interplanetary entity centered around the capital planet Windhelm in the Milky Way galaxy. The Union controls a single systems, the system of which holds 3 inhabitable planets, while the CRW controls 1 and a half of these planets, the rest belongs to the rival Democratic Republic of Wolfstern.

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