Compact for Mutual Assistance and General Cooperation

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Compact for Mutual Assistance and General Cooperation
CMAGC Emblem.png
Emblem of the CMAGC
AbbreviationCMAGC, WJM, WZM. HZM
FormationJuly 15, 1976; 42 years ago (1976-07-15)
FounderSükhbaatar, Tangkuo Monarchy-in-exile, Wàhngjāu, Qyred, Goulong
Founded atDelgerkhangai, Sükhbaatar
TypeIntergovernmental Organization
Legal statusActive
HeadquartersDelgerkhangai,  Sükhbaatar
East Catai, Savai
Official language
Qyredine, Sükhbaataryn, Zau

The Compact for Mutual Assistance and General Cooperation (CMAGC), or simply the Compact is a regional intergovernmental organization within the continent of Catai consisting of eight nations. The Compact promotes intergovernmental cooperation and facilitates economic integration, political unity, military cooperation, and also focuses on education and cultural integration among member states. The creation of the Compact was announced in 15 July 1976 by the leaders of Sükhbaatar, Qyred, Wàhngjāu, Goulong and the Tangkuo Monarchy-in-exile as a military alliance. At its inception, the Compacts initial objectives were maintaining and strengthening ties between Yidao nations and to combat both the Tangkuo People's Republic and the Aeian Socialist Union to re-establish the Tangkuo Monarchy in Exile. However, with the collapse of the ASU in 1981 and the subsequent following of the re-establishment of the Tangkuo Monarchy in 1988, the Compact has since then shifted its purpose to maintaining Yidao peace and security, promoting human rights within Yidao, fostering social and economic development, strengthening economic, political and cultural ties, providing educational opportunities, and to continue developing its military capabilities and exercise Yidao exceptionalism.

The Compact's primary decision-making body is known as the Compact's General Council, which is a main deliberative assembly. The Compact's Conference is the secondary decision-making body, and decides special issues concerning regional peace and threats to security, as well as accepting new members within the General Council. The Compact's Conference is, however, only comprised of the founding five nations.

The Compact is financed via assessed contributions from its member states as apart of its military alliance. Annual payments towards the Compact are voluntary however military contributions have, sine 1976, remained mandatory during annual military exercises. Being Yidao's largest and forefront regional intergovernmental organization, it dominates the region with its economic power and political influence, and is known for one of the strongest military alliances in Aeia.

The Headquarters of the Compact is based in Delgerkhangai, Darkhan-Uul, and is subject to extraterritoriality. Further main offices are situated in Nyongiang, Yilan, Tukdan, and Wàhngjāu. The host of the annual military exercises is decided every year by the Compact's Conference. The 2018 military exercises were announced to take place within Yunlin on 18 November.


The Compact for Mutual Assistance and General Cooperation was created with the signing of the Quadripartite Treaty on Military Action in Erdenedalai, Sükhbaatar in 15 July 1976 by the heads of states of Sükhbaatar, Qyred, Goulong, Tangkuo, and Wàhngjāu.

Leaders of CMAGC member states, as of 2018