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Vice Speaker
Vice Speaker
Seats 293
Seketan Atfter Election.svg
Political groups

Government (149)

Opposition (144)

Length of term
4 years

Parallel voting

  • First-past-the-post (single member constituencies)
  • Party-list proportional representation (national lists)
Last election
March 22, 2018
Next election
before March 31, 2022
Meeting place
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The Hérvynsken is the national legislature and governing body of Seketan. Established in 1585 under the Kingdom of Seketan, the unicameral parliament houses 293 elected members that sit in the Commons Council, serving the current Fourth Seketese Republic. Its role is defined by the Constitution of Seketan. The last legislative election was held on 19 April 2017.

The Hyneþyn building finished construction in 1585 and marked the establishment of the Hérvynsken. The first prime minister Salyn Hobeþanyn held office from 1766 to 1777 and marked a new era of classic liberalism and new imperialism in Seketan. Under a personal union with Alquiya, the Hérvynsken continued to serve Seketan for domestic issues. Parliament continued service under the Nelbec Empire and declared independence in 1918 but lost power to the Sosymets when the First Seketese Republic was established in 1919. Hérvynsken supported the Kjedorates during the Seketese Civil War and resumed service when Kjedorate forces eradicated Sosymet presence in Seketan and established the Second Seketese Republic in 1921. The Hérvynsken, consisting of an upper house (Upper Council) and lower house (Commons Council), remained under the executive control of the President of Seketan until 1978 when a referendum removed presidential executive power and established a unicameral parliament, thus starting the current Fourth Seketese Republic.

The Hérvynsken is a unicameral parliament whose current structure was established in 1978 with the birth of the Fourth Seketese Republic. Its members, known as Members of the Commons Council (MCC), hold the responsibilities of proposing, debating, and passing legislation to be signed into law by the president of Seketan. Members are elected in legislative elections through a system of parallel voting.


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