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The Republic of Arsfarszka
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Motto: Even the worst country can be fixed.
and largest city
Official languages English, Arsfarszkan, Russian
Demonym Arsfarszkans
Government Republic
 -  President George Lewis the II
 -  Civil War 1879 
 -  2017 estimate 1.3 billion
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total ժ97.483 trillion
 -  Per capita ժ67, 439.50
Currency Szkan Coin (SZK)
Time zone Multiple
Drives on the right
Calling code 939
Internet TLD .ars/.as

Arsfarszka, officially The Republic of Arsfarszka, is a nation in Archmont. Arsfarszka is bordered by Aeleria to the West, and Frikindie to the North. Arsfarszka is known for it's absolute turnaround in political spectrum. The nation also is known for its beautiful and photogenic environments, in which a lot of movie scenes have been filmed. Arsfarszka's current President is Richard Lee. The most spoken languages, in order, are English, Arsfarszkan, and Russian. Arsfarszka was a member of the Southern Archmont Treaty Organization (SATO). It's capital is Naszkania.



Richard Demarkovix

Alexander Lewis

George Lewis I

George Lewis II

Richard Lee

The Origin of Arsfarszka

Originally, Arsfarszka was a larger nation, with communist ideals. A civil war had eventually broken out, leading to the new country, simply named 'Arsfarszka', in 1879. Arsfarszka's last ruler, before the current, George Lewis I, was an absolute dictator, uncaring for his people and simply wanting efficiency to better his own life. His police force and water drugging policies left people completely vulnerable to his will. George Lewis I ruled for 13 years before dying of unknown (assumed natural or poisoning) causes. His son, George Lewis II rose to power, instating laws to protect the people and give them the rights of voting. Since then, Arsfarszka's political and civil rights have risen dramatically.

Modern Day

Modern Arsfarszka is a great place for it's citizens, but a bit of a drag for tourists. The country's culture leads to many people being confused as to what they should do mannerisms-wise, but the food is an attractive factor for them. The country has a great police force, which underwent recent reforms to weed out corruption (of course, not completely gone.). Everyone who has visited has commented the people are 'rude, but can cook a mean soup,'.


Arsfarszka has a wide range of landscapes, from tundra-laid mountains to clear sky and sunny oceans. It's wide range of landscape diversity has lead to Arsfarszka pioneering it's trade with all it has access to.

Arsfarszka possesses a mostly cold climate, as most of it's lands are tundra or northern forests. Even so, alot of it's lands are warm, and some even tropical.

For many years, Arsfarszka has had a smoggy environment, specifically in colder tundra regions. Albeit, recently, more governmental environmental plans have been put into place, leading to Arsfarszka being a generally better place to live.


The Arsfarszkan economy is increasingly dependent on privately owned business, leading to a gigantic and astonishing market, a world renowned feat that even economists can't explain. One of it's biggest corporations are the Highfarer Corporation.


Arsfarszkan culture is deep and a formation of many others. From the hundreds of years ago from Old Arsfarszka, the culture had molded with others and formed a Russian-American form of culture. It has a keen interest on making and trying new foods, leading to a semi-American food propaganda style of commercials. They speak the Arsfarszkan language as a secondary language (unless it's their primary in the more rural sections.)


January 1st
New Years = Average new years celebration.
February 13th
Independence Day = Day Arsfarszka became independent. Basically 4th of July with more parades and less fireworks.
April 15th
National Food Day = Day to celebrate and eat Arsfarszka's cultural foods.
July 29th
Terrorseve = Arsfarszkan Halloween.
September 23rd
Empire Day = It was a day to celebrate George Lewis I's rule, but has turned into a sort of Mardi Gras festival.
December 25th
Christmas Day = Average Christmas celebration.
December 31st
New Years Eve = Average New Years celebration.


The Arsfarszkan government is large, requiring a 26% tax rate to manage all of what they do. They focus mainly into military, education and welfare, providing ways to keep their citizens, and themselves, healthy and safe. It's a conservative-capitalist government.



Arsfarszkan Military


The Arsfarszkan Military is absolutely gigantic, employing several ancient and new strategies and top-of-the-line technology employed by the last leader, the infamous George Lewis I. Recently, the army's size has been cut down due to budgeting being put into more citizen-focused areas, but the Arsfarszkan military remains a strong force, 65 million men strong.


5 Largest Cities in Arsfarszka
City Name Population
Naszkania 24.7 million
White Pigeon 16.8 million
Unterspringen 15.2 million
Piyala 14 million
East Laurinburg 13.2 million