Archipelago (county)

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Flag of Archipelago
Location of Archipelago within Geadland
Location of Archipelago within Geadland
 • TypeArchipelago County Council
 • CommissionerJohannes Larssen (Conservative)
 • Total1,284,292
Time zoneUTC -6 (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST)UTC -5 (UTC-5)

Archipelago (Aρςιπελαγo, /ɑx.ɪ.'pɛləgoː/) is one of the 15 Counties of Geadland. It consists of the islands of the outer islands of Geadland, of which twelve are inhabited. More than half of the population live on Storholm, the largest island.

Storholm was one of the original 10 counties of Geadland, while the Outer Islands did not originally belong to any county. County-level services on these islands were managed directly by the national level. In the 1960s, the islanders campaigned for a county government, complaining that the existing arrangement was undemocratic. The most famous event by this movement was the 1969 Swim to the Capital. The government studied several options and in 1971 announced that they would merge Storholm and the Outer Islands into a single county. The move was unpopular in Storholm, where people protested against the dissolution of their historic county. The government went ahead with the merger and the new county was constituted on 11 July 1972.

The islands were originally isolated and sparsely populated, but in the 20th century, the government built dikes, bridges and tunnels to connect most of them to the mainland. This has led to significant population growth in the last 50 years, particularly in Walen. The political scene in Archipelago has been dominated by the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party; support for the SDLP is lower than most counties. Many of the smaller islands are strongholds for parties that are peripheral on a national level.