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Province of Trellin
Flag of Alyrum
Alyrum (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
Alyrum (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
Population (2013)
 • Total7,313,859

Alyrum (pronounced /əˈlɪərʌm/), officially the Duchy of Alyrum (Trellinese: Berend Alyrumoi), is a province of the Trellinese Empire. It is the tenth-smallest province in Trellin and Hysera by total area, at roughly 25,182 square kilometres.

Alyrum is the 14th-most populous province in the empire, with 7,313,859 inhabitants. It borders Idisamo and the Straits of Jajich to the south, Pelna to the east and Saheri and Mar'theqa to the north. Ka'alkë is the provincial capital.

The province has long been considered part of Trellin's heartland, its coasts having been settled by the Trellinese within the first century of the kingdom. Its importance to the growing empire was twofold: its dense forests first provided the wood for warships to ferry men across the Serëtanz and for the merchant vessels plying their trade on the Sea of Velar, and the land thus cleared was then used to grow crops to feed those armies or be sold at Velaran markets.