Aleksandar II of Nikolia

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Aleksandar II
King (more...)
Tsar Aleksandar II.jpg
King of Nikolia
Reign 7th of June 1990 – present
Coronation 14th of June 1990
Predecessor Viktorija II
The Grand Duke of all Nikolian Duchies
Reign 16th of June 1990
Coronation 23th of June 1990
Predecessor Viktorija II
Born (1964-08-26) 26 August 1964 (age 53)
Carigrad, Nikolia
Spouse Irena II of Moravska
Issue Helena, Princess of Nikolia, Duchess of Varunija, Queen of Costa de Ouro
Konstantin V,Prince of Nikolia, Duke of Moravska
Miroslav III, Prince of Nikolia, Duke of Veletska
Katarina II, Princess of Nikolia, Grand Duchess of Fhiongair
Full name
Aleksandar Konstantin Petar Petrov-Stefanović
House House Petrov-Stefanović
Father Konstantin IV
Mother Viktorija II
Religion Orthodox

Aleksandar II of Nikolia (Aleksandar Konstantin Petar Petrov-Stefanović; born 26th August 1964) is the absolute monarch of Nikolia, The Grand Duke of all Nikolian Duchies, The Prince of Kalistasia and the Protector of Costa de Ouro and the Orthodox faith. He acceded the throne on 14th of June 1990, 7 days after the death of his predecessor and mother, Queen Viktorija II. Two days after the coronation as the King of Nikolia, he was crowned as the Grand Duke of all Nikolian Duchies.

Titles and styles

By the grace of God, and the will of people, Aleksandar the Second of his name, of the house of Petrov-Stefanović of Nikolia, King and autocrat all-Nikolian, Grand Duke of Nitria, Travunia, Moravia, Rutenia, Dubrovia, Vlachia, Leszka, Mazuria and Podunavia. Grand Prince of Kalistasia, and the Perun's Islands. Prince of Skopje. Prefect of Carigrad, protector of Costa de Ouro, and the Orthodox Faith. Crowned by the Holy Crown of Saint Nicholas.