King Sketli of Meriad

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King sketli meriad.jpg
Reign 17 July 1987 - 1 January 2017
Predecessor King Kristofer
Successor Queen Crica
Prime Ministers
Born (1932-02-26) 26 February 1932 (age 86)
Spouse Queen Agnes (m. 19572009)
Full name
Sketli Jacob Sommerfeldt
House Sommerfeldt
Father King Kristofer of Meriad

Sketli is a former monarch of Meriad, having abdicated the throne on 1 January 2017 as a result of poor health. He ascended to the throne on 17 July 1987, after his father's death, and is the eldest child of King Kristofer, whom he succeeded after his death. He married Agnes Spinale, which whom he had two children. His eldest child, Prince Aleksander, was killed in a skiing accident in 2001. Queen Agnes died in 2009 from a brain tumor. King Sketli's eldest daughter, Crica Sommerfeldt, became Queen of Meriad following his abdication.

Early Life





In 1957, King Sketli married Agnes Spinale, a Faldarunic expatriate and former diplomat.



The series of strokes that led to Sketli's repeated hospitalization also led him to announce his intent to abdicate at the end of 2016. He formerly did so in a small ceremony on the morning of 1 January, 2017, at Capital Palace in Járnfjördur. In the same ceremony, his daughter Crica took the Oath of the Crown, thereby formally accepting the position of Meriadni head of state.